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Tula Ammunition is another premium name in the international firearms industry that has over 140 years of a storied tradition. Located approximately 100 miles south of Moscow, Russia, TulAmmo has been producing high-quality ammunition since 1880. Playing a pivotal role in WWII against Nazi Germany as significant producers of small arms ammunition, Tula ammo is a trusted name. Rich traditional and strict performance standards are what separate Tula ammo from the rest.

The first arms manufacturing plant of Tula was founded in 1712 to provide arms to citizens to defend against nomads’ invasions but quickly transitioned to supporting the Imperial Russian Army. In 1920, Tula switched to producing steel-cased ammunition in order to preserve the precious metals of Russia. From producing many iconic firearms and innovating the ammunition industry, Tula has become one of Europe’s largest steel-cased ammunition producers for handguns and rifles.

Steel-cased ammunition is known for exceptional performance at a lower cost. By instating strict quality control processes, Tula has developed some of the best ammunition on the market today. For those looking for a wide range of calibers and lower price-point without sacrificing any quality, Tula is the perfect option. With 40 ammunition types produced, AmmoForSale is your go-to spot for most popular TulAmmo types.

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