20 Rounds of 180gr PP 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Winchester

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Successful hunting is all about energy transfer. You can make a fantastic shot, have the weather on your side, and watch your game pose perfectly in the autumn light, but without sufficient energy transfer, it might not be a clean kill. Getting a clean kill is about more than bragging rights, too; it’s about ethics and kindness. And with the right round, you’ll direct enough energy into your target, all at once. That’s where this Winchester .30-06 Springfield 180 grain PP ammunition comes in. Not only does it bear the promise of the Winchester name, it’s Super X, and in the hunting world, that means something.

Super X rounds have that extra something special to set them apart and above other, similar rounds. They have notches carefully placed around the jacket mouth, which improves upset and increases expansion, both details that deliver maximum energy transfer. They’re also PP and have a soft nose, which makes the level of energy imparted into your target even greater. And they’re heavy at 180 grain, lending even more power to their knockdown capability. .30-06 is already a top-tier hunting caliber, and when you add in the Super X features, you have a hunting round to beat all others.

Winchester knows about quality, and they also know about affordability. These rounds are manufactured in fresh brass cases and are boxer primed, so they’re reloadable. That means you can police your brass, reload, and get some target practice in to hone your hunting skills. There are 20 rounds in this box which makes them nicely portable. And they’re American made, as all Winchester’s products are. Place your order without delay.

20 Rounds of 180gr PP 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Winchester

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