20 Rounds of 180gr PP .308 Win Ammo by Winchester

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Winchester is known as the company responsible for “the gun that won the West”; the lever-action, or repeating, rifle. And since their debut on the gun scene in the mid-1800’s, they’ve continued to build a solid reputation among shooters everywhere. If you’re a hunter with a fondness for deer and antelope or similar game, these Winchester .308 Win 180 grain PP rounds will feed your rifle and you both; your rifle gets ammunition and your dinner table gets meat.

Skilled hunters understand the value of heavier rounds, and at 180 grain, these are heavy. They’re also PP rounds, so they have an added kick for increased energy transfer and accurate, clean kills. Muzzle velocity is 2,620 feet per second and muzzle energy is 2,743 foot-pounds. When you’ve been sitting in the woods all day waiting for the right deer to come along, you cannot trust your one shot to just any round, and these aren’t just any rounds.

Headquarters is located in Alton, Illinois; all of Winchester’s ammunition is made in America. .308 has long been known as an amazing round for hunting, and this ammunition will show you why. Keep in mind that making the perfect shot is about more than skill; it’s also about what you load your rifle with. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hunting one hundred times or if this will be your first time out; having the right ammunition is vital to a successful trip. There are 20 rounds in this box, making it just right to tuck in your vest pocket or into your safe for a future outing. If you’re a hunter, place your order and be ready to have a fantastic season.

20 Rounds of 180gr PP .308 Win Ammo by Winchester

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