20 Rounds of 130gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by Winchester

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Although it’s called the .38 Special, the caliber is actually right between .357” and .358” in size. Of course, the loaded case is almost .38 at .379”. The original .38, the .38 Short Colt, much more closely met the dimensions suggested by its name. The .38 Special has a large following due to its minimal recoil and is also known for its accuracy. And, of course, many .38 Special owners use them as either their primary defense weapon or backup. If you carry yours for personal protection purposes, you need to load it with a suitable defense round.

This ammunition is made by Winchester, which was founded in 1866 and got its earliest fame with the lever-action rifle that became known as The Gun That Won the West. As the decades passed their innovation and firm dedication to quality resulted in a number of fantastic firearms and mountains of reliable ammunition, and today they make these Winchester .38 Special 130 grain JHP’s for your favorite self-defense weapon. This is American-made ammunition made to stringent specifications by a legendary company.

These are 130 grain, so they’re at the lighter end of medium-weight scale for this cartridge. Lighter weight means increased speed, which is good for self-defense because it means the round reaches your target faster. They’re also JHP’s; they begin to expand immediately on impact as well as decelerate, which protects innocent bystanders. In addition, jacketing allows for more controlled expansion and deeper penetration while also preventing lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. These are Winchester’s PDX-1 +P rounds, designed for extreme terminal performance and loaded to a higher pressure than the average .38 Special. They have a muzzle velocity of 950 feet per second and muzzle energy of 260 foot-pounds. You get 20 defense rounds in the box; place your order today to be better-defended tomorrow.

20 Rounds of 130gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by Winchester

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