50 Rounds of 180gr JHP T-Series .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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The name of Winchester bears the mark of the romance and adventure of the Old West. When American settlers crossed open prairies in search of new frontiers, they did it with Winchester rifles at their sides. And as time passed, Winchester has been used and relied upon by some well-known names, from Buffalo Bill to Theodore Roosevelt. They’ve been manufacturing firearms and ammunition for more than 150 years. All their products are made with pride in the United States to strict specifications and undergo rigorous testing and serious quality control. If you want to load your gun with ammunition made by an American original, you want Winchester.

At 180 grain these are heavy rounds so they’ll have increased knockdown power. They’re JHP’s designed for controlled expansion on impact, decelerating even as they create a devastating wound channel with greater depth than the average hollow point delivers. This is defense ammunition, and it’s not just any, it’s Winchester Ranger T-Series. These rounds have the patented SXT design which includes a reverse jacket and makes them capable of superior expansion and penetration in a variety of situations. Basically, they’re designed to perform despite the circumstances, because Winchester knows the real world doesn’t follow best-case scenarios.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box. They fly to your target with a muzzle velocity of 990 feet per second and hit with a muzzle energy of 392 foot-pounds. Winchester manufactures these in new production brass cases with boxer primer, meaning you can collect your empty casings and reload them. They’re also non-corrosive, so there’s less friction in your gun’s barrel. When it comes to self-defense you need every possible factor in your favor. Unfortunately, no one can create optimum circumstances, and that’s how we end up shooting at different distances, creating varying velocities, and assailants wear different clothing, creating varying barriers. Winchester Ranger T-Series is designed to meet all that head-on. For defense rounds designed with reality in mind, place your order now.

50 Rounds of 180gr JHP T-Series .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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