500 Rounds of 180gr JHP Bonded (Q4369) .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester

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The .40 S&W is the sweet spot of the self-defense ammunition world. It has almost exactly the same accuracy, drift, and drop, as the smaller 9mm, but it has greater energy, and it delivers excellent one-shot stopping power without the bigger recoil of its parent cartridge, the 10mm. It’s a pretty young cartridge having just been created in 1990 following the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, but it has a vast following. According the Marshall and Sanow, as well as other proponents of hydrostatic shock, the .40 S&W is capable of producing hydrostatic shock in a human-sized target with a good JHP round, and in a self-defense situation that’s exactly what you want. These JHP’s are a good place to start.

At 180 grain these are heavy rounds, so they’re going to hit your target harder and leave a more compelling mark. They’re Jacketed Hollow Points and expand on impact, but their expansion is carefully controlled by the jacket, so they penetrate more deeply than the average HP round. That jacketing gives the round more strength overall and also prevents lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. This is ideal for self-defense, but that doesn’t mean you should just load your gun and forget about it. Defense rounds have significantly greater power than target rounds, and since it’s absolutely vital to have good follow-up shots, you need to practice with defense ammunition not just carry it.

This ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 990 feet per second and muzzle energy of 391 foot-pounds. This is Winchester’s government overstock, so it’s superior quality at a lower price. These are basically Winchester’s popular Ranger Law Enforcement rounds in brass cases. A variety of branches of the military and law enforcement agencies use this ammunition for their standard carry weapons. There are 500 defense rounds in this box so you can keep your gun loaded while also spending focused training time at the range. All of Winchester’s ammunition is made in America. Self-defense is a serious matter, and if you carry for self-defense purposes, you should be training properly. Buy this 500-round box of defense ammunition and train as if your life depended on it, because it does.

500 Rounds of 180gr JHP Bonded (Q4369) .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester

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