50 Rounds of 124gr BEB 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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”The world’s most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge,” that’s what Cartridges of the World heralded the 9mm Luger as in 2006. At that time, 60% of law enforcement agencies in the United States had it as their standard issue and Newsweek claimed the 9mm had enabled semi-auto’s to finally outsell revolvers. And, of course, the US Army is a pretty big fan; they order new M9’s routinely citing the larger magazine capacity as what the troops need. Your own 9mm handgun goes through quite a few rounds on a regular basis, because you take training seriously; that’s where Winchester WinClean ammunition offers you an edge.

Created with avid shooters in mind, WinClean rounds were specially designed with an enclosed bullet – these are BEB, or brass enclosed base, rounds. Many rounds leave the base of the bullet open, but not WinClean. And by enclosing it, the amount of lead being released into the air during firing is drastically reduced. When the air isn’t full of lead particles, your lungs can breathe easier, and so can the lungs of the staff at your range. Shooters who prefer this ammunition cite its grouping and praise how clean their guns stay, even going so far as to say hundreds of rounds later, their guns are “sparkling” clean.

These are medium-weight rounds at 124 grain and help maintain the lower recoil you’ve come to expect from your 9mm. They have a muzzle velocity of 1,130 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 352 foot-pounds, and they’re just what you need for some dedicated target practice. There are 50 WinClean rounds in this box; just enough to get you hooked on Winchester’s American-made technology. After all, how many kinds of ammunition can honestly claim to help keep your gun clean?

50 Rounds of 124gr BEB 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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