20 Rounds of 124gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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This isn’t just any self-defense ammunition, it’s Winchester PDX1 Defender. Winchester designed this ammunition using technologically advanced features so it can stop a threat cold, no ifs, ands, or failures. A special proprietary bonding process is used to ensure the greatest possible weight retention; one of the biggest problems with defense rounds is the jacket separating from the core, creating a loss of mass and loss of effectiveness. The jacket is also strategically notched so it’s weakened at key points for superior control over expansion, because you want a defense round to mushroom reliably, every time. In 2010 this ammunition won the Golden Bullseye Award for “Ammunition Product of the Year.” When it comes to high performance defense ammunition, Winchester PDX1 has you covered, and your assailant down.

These are 124 grain, so they’re somewhat light but technically fall in the middle of the weight spectrum for the 9mm cartridge. They’re JHP’s and deliver controlled expansion on impact; they mushroom more slowly than standard HP’s and so are able to create a deeper, more traumatizing wound track. And because these are +P rounds they have even more power than typical defense rounds. Each round zips like lightning to your attacker with a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second and delivers compelling force with a muzzle energy of 396 foot-pounds. This is defense ammunition at its finest.

When you order this single box of ammunition you get 20 defense rounds, which is just enough to keep your gun loaded for personal protection. Winchester manufactures this ammunition with pride in America, just as they always have; they were founded in 1866 and have a 150-year history of excellence producing both firearms and ammunition. The name of Winchester has become synonymous with quality, and with PDX1 it becomes synonymous with defensive power. If you use your 9mm handgun for self-defense, you should keep it loaded with superior defense rounds, and with Winchester PDX1 you get quality, performance, and knockdown power all in one package. Don’t trust your safety to just anyone; trust Winchester, and order now.

These are +P rounds, also known as overpressure rounds. Not all firearms are rated for the increased power of this ammunition. Please make sure your handgun is rated for use with +P rounds before using this ammunition; if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

20 Rounds of 124gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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