50 Rounds of 165gr JHP Bonded .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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This isn’t just any self-defense ammunition, this is Winchester’s Ranger bonded ammunition. One of the most common problems in defense rounds is separation, which refers to the jacket separating from the core. When that happens, mass is lost as well as energy and the impact made is not as powerful as it would otherwise be. With these rounds Winchester has bonded the core to the jacket so the bullets reach nearly 100% weight retention and are capable of imparting truly devastating wound tracks. Another reason bonded ammunition is superior is for its ability to penetrate barriers such as glass and heavy materials like denim and leather. Overall, Winchester Ranger is a top-of-the-line defense round and an excellent choice for your .40 S&W.

These are 165 grain rounds, so they’re considered moderately weighted for the cartridge size. As JHP’s they deliver rapid energy transfer on impact and immediately begin to expand, but their expansion is more controlled than a standard HP, so it goes deeper. The result is a broader, deeper wound channel, and more catastrophic damage, which translates to better stopping power. This ammunition is specifically designed for self-defense, and it delivers that in every possible way. Each round flies from the barrel of your gun with enormous speed at a muzzle velocity of 1140 feet per second and muzzle energy of 476 foot-pounds.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box of ammunition. It’s made by Winchester, and, as always, that means it’s made with pride here in America. Winchester was founded in 1866, and they’ve been producing innovative products since day one. The Model 1866 lever-action rifle was their first firearm, but it was the later rifle that earned the title of The Gun That Won the West, and it’s current products like these Ranger bonded rounds that keep Winchester’s name synonymous with excellence. They also understand value, which is why these fresh brass cases have boxer primer and can be reloaded. Get your order in today to load your personal carry weapon with truly compelling ammunition.

50 Rounds of 165gr JHP Bonded .40 S&W Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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