500 Rounds of 55gr HP .223 Ammo by Wolf WPA

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Hunters, competitors, and gun enthusiasts around the world appreciate the value and versatility of this .223 Remington 55 grain hollow point (HP) ammunition from Wolf. This polymer coated, non-corrosive ammo is an excellent choice for hunting, target practice, and high volume competition. When you need accuracy and affordability, Wolf is an outstanding choice.

The WPA Military Classic line of ammunition is manufactured with berdan-primed steel cases. Steel cases are a great choice for folks who need accurate and reliable ammunition that delivers the most bang for the buck. Don’t believe the myths about steel cased ammo causing more damage to your firearm than brass. Other parts of you gun will wear out long before you’ll see a noticeable difference between brass and steel (like the barrel). Steel casings are not reloadable, but that’s not a problem for a lot of people, since you can pick this ammo up for such a great price.

With an expected muzzle velocity of 3,241 feet per second, this ammunition delivers full impact every time. Whether you’re buying Wolf ammo for sport, competition, or practice, you’ll be pleased with the performance and value.

When you purchase this ammo, you get 25 boxes of 20 rounds, for a total of 500 rounds. That’ll keep you busy! Best of all, you won’t be breaking the bank. Folks like using Wolf ammo because you get maximum fun per dollar.

If you’re looking for an incredible value (who isn’t?) Wolf ammunition is versatile and reliable choice. Order your case today.

500  Rounds of 55gr HP .223 Ammo by Wolf WPA

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