50 Rounds of 94gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by Wolf

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Self-defense is serious business, and .380 ACP is preferred by many shooters for close-quarters personal protection. And while shot placement is of the utmost importance in a self-defense situation, the ammunition you load your gun with is also important. If you load your gun with FMJ rounds, you risk having the round hit your target, over-penetrate, and continue on its path, potentially harming innocent bystanders. That’s why experienced self-defense shooters recommend using hollow points, because they not only expand upon impact and immediately decelerate, and also because they create far more damaging wound tracks. Quite simply, a hollow point gets your message across in the boldest way possible without involving innocent people in its trajectory.

This Wolf ammunition is JHP, so they’re coated in harder metal, which lends the round even greater strength than the average hollow point. And because it’s jacketed, your gun’s barrel stays cleaner because lead doesn’t strip from the round as it’s fired. They are fantastic defense rounds and give your .380 ACP increased power as well. These are lightweight 94 grain rounds with a muzzle velocity of 952 feet per second. There are 50 rounds in this box, giving you either multiple mags for self-defense purposes or a chance to try your new defense rounds out in advance on paper targets. And because they’re fresh brass, boxer-primed cases, they can be reloaded.

Wolf ammunition is manufactured as a subsidiary of Tula Ammunition, which is a Russian company that has been around for more than 300 years. If you want to be sure your defense rounds are being made by a company with experience, three centuries are hard to beat. Remember, it’s vital to be comfortable with the feel of whatever ammunition you use for personal protection, so it’s a good idea to try out defense ammunition. The recoil will differ from target rounds, so go ahead and run a few through your pistol. Load your .380 ACP pistol with these JHP for self-defense and you’ll be ready.

380 Auto 94 gr JHP Wolf Gold Ammo For Sale!

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  • 380 Auto 94 gr JHP Wolf Gold Ammo For Sale!

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