50 Rounds of 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Blazer

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Fast Facts
  • Manufacturer Blazer Brass
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 124gr
  • Projectile Type FMJ
  • Ammo Use Type Range Training
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 50
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Manufacturer SKU 5201
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec) 1090
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds) 327
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 076683052018
  • Cost Per Round 37¢ per round
  • Description
  • Reviews
  • Q & A
More Details About Our 50 Rounds of 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Blazer
Do you know how [name of your favorite professional athlete] became great at [sport your favorite professional athlete is famous for]? Natural talent and genetics both played a role, to be sure, but we guarantee you they spent countless hours practicing as well. Here’s the 9mm training ammo you need to become great at the best sport of all: shooting! It’s Blazer Brass – made in Idaho!

This cartridge is loaded with the 9mm’s middleweight 124 grain projectile, and accordingly produces a subsonic 1,090 fps muzzle velocity when fired in a 4” barrel handgun. Blazer’s full metal jacket projectile does not attract a magnet. It simply assures reliable feeding thanks to its tough copper-alloy shell and consistent accuracy thanks to its round nose profile. The FMJ is more economical because it lacks a hollow point nose cavity, but that does mean it will not expand if it penetrates through a soft medium.

Blazer is famous for their aluminum cases, but this ammo is more traditional – and also reloadable – because it has new brass cases. CCI’s famously dependable Boxer primers and clean-burning propellant make target shooting and plinking even more satisfying. Blazer advises against firing this ammo in firearms with ported barrels or compensators!

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Thank you

By Kevin on 12/17/2015

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Reliable, clean, and accurate!!! It's all I use!!!
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By STEVE on 9/13/2017

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Shooters Reviews



It's good for target practice and it is reliable. No problem here.

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WAY over priced. Will use if need.Any Blazer I used is reliable but its so so dirty. If you don't have gun powder hands from Blazer, ya didnin shoot

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Does good


Cycles in my G19 gen4 just fine. Havent had any issues with this ammo at all.

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Thank you


Reliable, clean, and accurate!!! It's all I use!!!

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Questions & Answears

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Will these bullets fit for 9mm Smith&Wesson handgun Posted On: 1/20/2023 By: Dennis Diaz
Yes sir! This 9mm ammunition is designed to function correctly in all 9mm firearms.
What's the best ammo for a Glock 43x? My first carry. Posted On: 10/18/2021 By: Luis Alvarado
Thanks for reaching out Luis! I'm happy to help you help you out. For starters, there are two basic types of handgun ammunition: target shooting ammo, and self-defense ammo. Most target shooting ammo has a full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet. It's economical, but it doesn't expand when it hits a target. Most self-defense ammo has a jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet. In short, if you want to go to the range and practice, get FMJ ammo. When you want your G43X to be most useful as a tool for personal protection, keep JHP ammo loaded in it.

The G43X is a small handgun. For that reason, you may prefer 9mm ammo with a lighter bullet weight of 115 or 124 grains. This is because you may feel lighter recoil with a lighter bullet, which will make accurate, rapid fire more easy. That said, your G43X is also perfectly capable of firing 124 grain and 147 grain bullets. The most important factor consider when selecting a bullet weight is personal preference, so don't worry too much about going wrong there.

You want the best self-defense ammo. That's why I'm going to recommend exactly two types of ammo to you: Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST. These are the two most popular brands of ammo for police officers for very good reason: superb reliability, accuracy, and terminal ballistics (meaning the bullet expands fast and uniformly to inflict a big injury inside the threat). Here's what I recommend:

Self-defense ammo: ammoforsale.com/9mm-ammo-for-sale?ammo_use_type=1436&bullet_type=56&manufacturer=1%2C134

Personally, I personally carry Federal HST ammo. One more thing: You'll notice some of this ammo is 9mm +P. Essentially, this ammo is loaded to a higher power so its bullet hits the target harder. You'll notice more recoil, and 9mm +P will wear out your G43X's moving parts out faster. But for self-defense, the added wear and tear won't matter. Your G43X will safely fire +P ammo, so it's your choice whether to use it or not.

I'd highly recommend training with your handgun before you'd use it to protect yourself. We have lots of good options in stock for you. Your G43X shouldn't have any problems running any of this stuff. I'd advise picking the same bullet weight for your training ammo and your self-defense ammo, because that way you'll get more realistic experience with how your self-defense ammo will perform. I personally prefer the PMC, Federal, Winchester and Sellier & Bellot ammo, but please let me know if you'd like to know anything else about what we have in stock:

Training ammo: ammoforsale.com/9mm-ammo-for-sale?ammo_use_type=1439
How do I go buy some 9mm blazer ammo? Posted On: 1/30/2021 By: Nathaniel Sims
Thank you for reaching out Nathaniel! Please click the button that says "Add to Cart" and follow the steps from there. If your state laws require us to request additional documentation from you, then you'll immediately receive an email from our customer service team. If you would like additional assistance while you're ordering or have any other questions at all, then I hope you'll reach out to our team at 800-581-0293 or customerservice@ammoforsale.com
Just picked up my first home defense S&W SD9VE Will this be good for the range? Posted On: 1/29/2021 By: Dan
Yes sir, this ammo should serve your SD9 VE perfectly for target shooting. As you're keeping it for self-defense, I'd highly recommend a box of the Gold Dot 9mm +P we have in stock as well. Your handgun is designed to safely fire 9mm +P as well. (Overpressure ammo will wear out its moving parts faster, but that's really not a problem as far as self-defense is concerned.)
I just bought a new 1911 Kimber Stainless II 9mm. Is this good ammo to use in it? Posted On: 1/22/2021 By: Richard Lee
Very nice firearm, and this ammo will make a fine choice for target shooting with it!
Does this work for a glock 19 (9mm)? Posted On: 12/12/2020 By: Paula
Absolutely Paula, this is a great choice of ammo for target shooting and training with a Glock 19. Blazer Brass should deliver good, reliable feeding, extraction, and ballistic performance. Just so you know, this ammo is not optimal for self-defense. The full metal jacket (FMJ) is not designed to expand within soft tissue; a jacketed hollow point (JHP) is. If I may, I'd recommend you order a box of this ammo as well if you intend to keep your Glock 19 loaded for self-defense: ammoforsale.com/50-rounds-of-124gr-jhp-hst-9mm-ammo-by-federal-law-enforcement. This law enforcement ammo's bullet expands inside its target, which accomplishes three important functions: (A) increased energy transfer, (B) wider wound channel, and (C) reduced chance of overpenetration (thus limiting the risk of striking an innocent bystander positioned behind the threat). Please let me know if you've any other questions about ammo!
Will this work in a ec9s 9m ruger Posted On: 12/4/2020 By: Queenasha
This is the right ammo for target practice with an EC9s, for sure! If you would like ammo for self-defense, then I would strongly recommend ammo with a JHP bullet. A JHP is the type of bullet that expands after penetrating a threat, thus dramatically enhancing its stopping power. We currently have one option in stock, and it is a very good one at that: ammoforsale.com/50-rounds-of-124gr-jhp-hst-9mm-ammo-by-federal-law-enforcement
Will this work in my Glock 43 Posted On: 11/21/2020 By: Susanne Ramey
Yes, absolutely!
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