50 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by CCI

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.45 ACP ammo packs a punch and with this round from Speer you can be sure to get the most of your training rounds at the range so you're ready to deliver a knockout if the time ever comes.

CCI Blazer is one of the most affordable options to maximize your time at the range. Spend more time shooting and less time thinking about the cost going downrange with this aluminum cased 45 ACP with a 230 grain FMJ (full metal jacket). The Blazer ammunition by CCI features an aluminum case that allows the cost of production to be reduced there by passing on the savings to budget minded shooters like you!

The .45 ACP or 45 AUTO is one of the more popular rounds made famous by the Colt 1911 chambered in 45ACP.

It is well known for its stopping power that very few handgun calibers can match. This loading of the .45 ACP cartridge is standard with a Speer 230 grain FMJ projectile and a muzzle velocity around 845 feet per second. This produces a hefty 365 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle. The economical aluminum case is made from high strength aircraft-grade aluminum that's heat-treated and gives you all the performance you'd expect from brass cased ammunition but at a more attractive price. Using CCI primers as well, this cartridge is geared for reliability so you can shoot more and shoot more often without any hiccups! Each box you order will arrive with 50 rounds of new Blazer non-reloadable aluminum cased 230 grain .45 ACP cartridges ready to fire in your favorite .45 caliber firearm.

Blazer is owned by CCI who is better known for their reliable primers and excellent rim fire ammunition. Dick Spear started CCI (Cascade Cartridges, Inc.) in 1951 and started to research new processes and chemicals needed for primer manufacturing. In 1962 they started making their most popular round known as the .22lr CCI Mini-Mag.

50 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by CCI

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I used this kind of Ammo before and I believed same as is.
Review by Juke
CCI Ammo quite good same thing with reasonable price. (Posted on 7/21/14)

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