20 Rounds of 77gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Federal

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Competitive shooters who want to win using factory rounds buy Federal Premium Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing .223 77 grain HPBT ammunition. And avid shooters who want to drastically improve their marksmanship, and someday reach the talent level of the professionals, also buy this ammunition. Competitors report winning titles and achieving ¾” grouping using these rounds. You absolutely get what you pay for, and when your goal is to be the best, it’s worth the cost.

In other words, this ammo is for competitive shooters. If you’re going to murder some watermelons or pumpkins, you’re going to want to stick to a full metal jacket round that you can get at a fraction of the cost.

Federal has been making top-tier competitive ammunition for years. All manufacturing takes place in their Anoka, Minnesota, plant under the watchful eyes of their team, so all your ammunition is American made in every possible way. They’re known for high expectations and demanding the best of their Sierra MatchKing line, so when you load your rifle with these rounds, you can be confident you’re getting Federal’s best.

77 grain is a heavy round, but the pro’s know weight lends itself to trajectory and cross-wind resistance. Despite their weight, these rounds leave your rifle with a muzzle velocity of 2,750 feet per second and have been tested at a velocity of 2,481 feet per second at the 100-yard mark. Muzzle energy is strong as well at 1,265 foot-pounds and tests at an energy of 1,503 foot-pounds at 100 yards. Everything about these rounds is designed to help you win your match or improve your skills.

The list of pertinent features is too long to complete, but includes Sierra MatchKing’s renowned thin jacket, meticulous weight and diameter, and carefully balanced shape. These are HPBT rounds, so they’re made to travel smoothly at longer distances and mushroom dependably upon impact. You’ll find 20 rounds in this box, so if you’re truly serious about competing or reaching competitor status, you’ll want to order more than one. Don’t let someone take your place at the podium because you didn’t buy Federal’s Premium Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing ammunition.

20 Rounds of 77gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Federal

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