1000 Rounds of 165gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Federal

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Dedicated shooters are high-volume shooters, and high-volume shooters need a lot of ammunition. This is a 1,000 round box of Federal .40 S&W 165 grain FMJ ammunition and with it you can not only keep your gun well-fed but fully loaded. There are a wide variety of classes out there to improve your skills with your favorite firearm, and in order to take them, you’ll need ammunition. And if you prefer to train on your own at the range or at a preferred outdoor spot, you’ll need ammunition. Whatever method you take for working on your aim or practicing drawing from various positions, yes, you’ll need ammunition. Not just any ammunition, either, you want good quality target rounds that won’t drain your bank account.

It was 1922 when Charles Horn took over the Federal Cartridge Corporation which we now know as Federal Premium Ammunition. He started with a small but manageable vision, marketing the company’s products in barber shops, grocery stores, and gas stations. At the start of World War II, Federal was awarded a sizeable contract with the US Military, which led to the company being awarded an “E” for excellence by the Army and Navy. Today their ammunition is used by shooters worldwide and has even been used by competitive shooters in the Olympics. Don’t you want to feed your gun with rounds produced by one of the most well-known, widely-used manufacturers in the country?

Federal uses virgin brass to manufacture these cases and also uses boxer primers, making these rounds reloadable. As a high volume shooter, you want better value, and with reloadable rounds, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth – and then some. These are medium-weight 165 grain rounds, so they’re heavy enough to pack a punch while light enough to maintain speed. You can be sure they’re going to fly down-range quick with a muzzle velocity of 1,130 feet per second. And with a muzzle energy of 468 foot-pounds, they’re going to show your targets what energy transfer and impact are all about. These FMJ rounds are ideal for target practice and training, and they’re American made, so place your order and get to practicing.

1000 Rounds of 165gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Federal

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Q: Is this new or remanufactured? Thanks.

Posted On: 7/20/16 By: DMaier

A: Hello! This American Eagle ammunition is all new manufacture. Currently Federal does not sell any ammunition loaded in once fired brass.