1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 XM193 Ammo by Federal

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This 5.56x45 (XM193BK) 55 grain full metal jacket boat-tailed (FMJBT) ammunition from Federal is an excellent choice for range practice, tactical exercises, and plinking. These rounds were loaded to NATO specifications and are used by the American military. This difficult to find product contains 1,000 loose packed rounds for high volume shooters.

These non-magnetic, lead core, copper jacketed rounds are manufactured using non-corrosive, boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases. This high quality brass is perfect for anyone who likes to reload. The expected muzzle velocity is 3165 feet per second and the boat-tailed design provides long-range accuracy.

The final product is lacquer coated for water resistance and moisture protection. Federal has tested these rounds in the toughest environmental conditions and has shown that this ammo performs well in extreme temperatures – from -40 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of the situation, you can rely on this high quality ammunition in a variety of conditions.

This ammo is manufactured by Federal at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Montana. Since 1922, law enforcement, the military, and gun enthusiasts have trusted Federal ammunition. If you’re looking for performance and reliability at a price you can afford, Federal is the perfect choice.

When you purchase this product, you get 1 box of 1,000 loose rounds. This product is hard to find and our inventory won’t last so get yours today to make sure your guns are fed!

1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 XM193 Ammo by Federal

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Review by Michael
Good product always reliable (Posted on 2/26/15)

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Q: Can this ammo be shot thru a .223 M4?

Posted On: 11/24/12 By: James

A: Due to the higher pressures of the 5.56 round, this ammo should only be shot in rifles designed for 5.56 ammo. This can be determined by the caliber stamp on your rifle. .223 Rem ammo is loaded to a lower pressure and will work in your rifle, as well as any 5.56 NATO rifle. While the physical size of both rounds are similar, it is best to avoid excessive pressures of the 5.56 round inside a .223 rifle. If you have any additional questions about this, please let us know!