1000 Rounds of 180gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Fiocchi Canned Heat

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During the Mozambican War of Independence, a Rhodesian by the name of Mike Rousseau served as a mercenary. One day he was engaged in a firefight at an area airport armed with just his Browning HP35 handgun when he came around a corner and was faced with a guerilla armed with an AK-47. Rousseau immediately double-tapped his attacker – meaning he put two rounds to center mass – but it wasn’t enough, the guerilla kept coming. Thinking fast, Rousseau tried to put a third round through his attacker’s head, and although that third round ended up going through his neck instead, it worked, and Rousseau survived. Rousseau later relayed his experience to Col. Jeff Cooper, who turned his experience into what we now know as the Mozambique Drill.

In the Mozambique Drill you train specifically to put two rounds to center mass with a third shot to the head, working on both speed and accuracy. It’s a great self-defense drill, and if you want to spend some time dedicated to this rather famous drill, you’re going to need a big box of ammunition. This particular .40 S&W ammo is fairly heavy at 180 grain; its greater weight will both put a nice hole in your targets and also increase recoil a bit, making training somewhat more realistic since defense rounds have greater power overall. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second and muzzle energy of 399 foot-pounds. This is FMJ ammunition meant for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking; if you want to perfect your “triple tap,” or Mozambique Drill, this ammo will keep your gun fed throughout.

You get 1000 rounds packed into cans with your order. The ammunition is made by Fiocchi, a company with nearly 150 years of experience. All of Fiocchi’s ammunition undergoes rigorous testing and strict quality control measures; they take ammunition seriously, and you should, too. What you feed your gun matters. These are new-production, brass-cased rounds with boxer primer and can be reloaded, and they’re also non-corrosive, which means there’s less friction in your gun’s barrel. Fiocchi’s headquarters are located in Lecco, Italy, but they also have a plant in Ozark, Missouri, for distribution in the U.S. Don’t wait to improve your marksmanship; order now.

1000 Rounds of 180gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Fiocchi Canned Heat

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