100 Rounds of 95gr JSP .380 ACP Ammo by M.B.I.

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.380 ACP is great for concealed carry because it’s lightweight and compact, and it works well in close quarters. And if you use yours for personal protection, you should be loading it with defense rounds, and these JSP rounds from M.B.I. are a good choice. Soft points are lead expanding bullets with open noses and expand more slowly than traditional hollow point rounds. However, their slower expansion is actually a positive, because it comes with a deeper wound track. The jacketing increases the strength of the round as well while also preventing lead fouling in your gun’s barrel.

M.B.I. – Military Ballistic Industries – has a stellar reputation for producing high quality, precisely remanufactured ammunition. Their brass cases are boxer primed and can be reloaded, and all components aside from the cases are brand new and carefully selected. Their bullets either come from a manufacturer in Lake City or Hornady, so you know they’re good. They also provide the military and numerous law enforcement agencies with ammunition as well as supplying quite a few ranges with training rounds. Buying top-tier remanufactured ammunition is a great way to save money and still be a high-volume shooter, and with M.B.I. you know you’re getting quality.

These are 95 grain rounds, which makes them fairly heavy by .380 ACP standards. But they’re still fast; you can be sure these rounds move down-range with incredible velocity. And because they’re JSP rounds, they have extra power, provide excellent energy transfer, and offer greater penetration than hollow points. There are 100 rounds in this box of ammunition, which means you have enough to keep your gun loaded for personal protection while also spending some time training with them. Want even more? Check out the 1,000 round case of this 380 ammo here. Defense rounds behave differently than target rounds, and it’s a must to put in dedicated time firing them from your personal carry weapon.

380 Auto Ammo - 95 gr JSP Ammunition by MBI

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  • 380 Auto Ammo - 95 gr JSP Ammunition by MBI

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