100 Rounds of 185gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by M.B.I.

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Your .45 ACP is an awesome gun, and nothing gives you more pleasure than taking it to the range. Perhaps the most famous gun chambered in this brawny cartridge is the 1911, but did you know the 1911 was the result of a six-way bidding war? When the cartridge was introduced in 1904 it was clear it required a special handgun, and by 1906, there were 6 makers which quickly became 3: DWM, Savage, and Colt. Even so, it took until 1910 for the Colt design to get through rigorous testing and strict quality control measures without a single failure, and in the end, the M1911 was born.

This ammunition is made to feed your .45 ACP without emptying your bank account. It’s made by M.B.I., which is a subsidiary of a large American firearms and ammunition manufacturer. M.B.I. has developed a great reputation for their production of remanufactured ammunition due to the ammunition’s exceptional quality. Everything from the once-fired brass cases to the bullets are selected with an eye for quality and dedication to the needs of shooters like you. M.B.I. knows you want top-of-the-line remanufactured target rounds, and they deliver.

These are lightweight 185 grain rounds, so they fly down-range at fantastic velocities. And, of course, they’re .45 ACP, so they slam into your stationary targets with major energy. They’re Full Metal Jacket rounds and are absolutely great for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. The once-fired brass cases have boxer primers and can be reloaded, so you get even more than just what comes in the bag. Speaking of which, there are 100 remanufactured target rounds in a sealed plastic bag here. Some of them might have nickel-plated cases, which makes them easier to see in the dark. If you’re a serious shooter in need of good quality training ammo, place your order before someone else beats you to it.

100 Rounds of 185gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by M.B.I.

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