1000 Rounds of 185gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by M.B.I.

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This is high-quality remanufactured ammunition that’s used by the military, law enforcement, and ranges for training all over the country. High-volume shooting is both enjoyable and vital to honing your marksmanship skills, but it can easily empty your wallet. That’s why using ammunition such as this from M.B.I. is such a good choice. It’s excellent quality and precision manufactured, and that’s a must because even target rounds should be good for your gun. There’s no reason to cut corners when a well-known and respected company like M.B.I. has competitively-priced remanufactured ammunition available to fulfill your training needs.

M.B.I., Military Ballistic Industries, manufactures all its ammunition with pride in the United States and adheres to stringent standards for every step of the manufacturing process. They carefully select each and every once-fired brass case, making sure they’re high-quality, and every other component is completely new. M.B.I. turns to top companies to supply their components, using CCI for primers, Hodgedon for propellants, and Hornady and the military’s Lake City plant for bullets. These may be remanufactured rounds, but they’re superior to the average reload and even cost less than many new rounds.

At 185 grain these are fairly lightweight. Their lighter weight means they’re capable of reaching higher velocities while still hitting with serious power because, hey, they’re .45 ACP. They’re FMJ, so they’re specifically designed to fulfill your target practice, tactical training, and plinking needs. And because M.B.I. is so careful choosing their cases, these once-fired brass cases, which are loaded with boxer primers, can be reloaded again after you use them. There are 1000 target rounds here in sealed plastic bags, so you’re going to put some serious rounds down-range with your .45 ACP, and that’s a wonderful thing. Some rounds may be in nickel-plated cases, which are easier to see in dim light. Place your order today and put some time in heating up your favorite handgun.

1000 Rounds of 185gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by M.B.I.

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