25 Rounds of 1 ounce #8 shot 12ga Ammo by NobelSport

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Shooting sports like clay, skeet, and target shooting have always been popular, but they’ve all gained new fans in recent years. One of the techniques new shooters need to master is mounting their shotgun to their shoulder. It’s actually a good idea to spend some time in front of a mirror working on it, just follow the golden rules of gun safety to be absolutely positive your gun is unloaded and you’re working in a truly safe area, and get to it. Remember not to look down at your gun or tilt your head, and make sure you stand up straight. Swing the gun to your shoulder in one smooth movement, using your hands together for fluidity, and always mount the gun from the same position. Repetition is key, and even experienced target shooters work on shoulder mounts every day.

These are 12 gauge rounds with a 1 ounce load. Many shooters favor an even 1 ounce load because it provides the necessary power for shattering clays without the significantly increased recoil of, say, a 1 ¼ ounce load. These particular rounds are specifically designed for low recoil and features Nobel Sport’s unique wad with an internal damper. Each round is loaded with #8 shot and has a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second. This ammunition is designed just for your target shooting needs, and with the lower felt recoil you’re going to see higher scores and improved accuracy.

There are 25 rounds in this single box of ammunition from Nobel Sport. Nobel Sport has been around for years and is a part of DKG Trading, Inc. In fact, they were the very first European manufacturer to start producing hunting and shooting powder. Nobel believes in strict quality control and stellar performance, and in order to make that happen they manufacture all components right there on site, which isn’t something many companies can say. Production takes place at their plant in Italy. If you’re a target shooting looking for carefully made rounds designed for superior clay breaking performance, try these Nobel Sport rounds. We think you’ll be back for more.

25 Rounds of 1 ounce #8 shot 12ga Ammo by NobelSport

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