250 Rounds of 1 ounce #8 shot 12ga Ammo by NobelSport

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When clay pigeon shooting was new, it was called Inanimate Bird Shooting. And, of course, when the sport was truly new, live pigeons were used. Because of that, targets are still frequently referred to as “birds”, hits are often called “kills”, and if a shooter misses entirely it may be called a “bird away.” The sport can be narrowed down to three categories – trap, skeet, and sporting – but there are actually more than 20 disciplines within those categories. Sporting clays may have the largest following of all due in part to its variety. It’s the one type where targets are thrown at different speeds, angles, elevations, trajectories – the list goes on. Variety is the name of the game. But whichever discipline you prefer, you’re going to need ammo, and a lot of it.

These 12 gauge rounds have a 1 ounce load and are filled with #8 shot. 1 ounce gives them enough power to propel the shot at great enough speeds to reach your target in fantastic time and with substantial power while avoiding the massive recoil of larger loads. In fact, these are specifically low-recoil rounds, designed to minimize felt recoil to give the shooter – that would be you – the most pleasant experience possible. Less felt recoil means more time shooting without a sore shoulder. #8 shot is a good size for sporting clays and delivers plenty of force to shatter clays – or tear nice-sized holes in your paper targets. Each of these rounds has a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second. These lead shot rounds are designed for target shooting.

There are 250 rounds in this box of ammo from Nobel Sport. With that many you might think you’ll be well-stocked for quite some time, but you’re going to burn through this whole thing in no time. Nobel Sport is a subsidiary of DKG Trading; Nobel’s claim to ammunition fame is that they were the first European company to manufacture hunting and shooting powder. They also have a unique, patented wad that has an internal damper; the name of Nobel Sport is synonymous with innovation, and you can see the results in these shotgun rounds. Production takes place at their plant in Rivalta, Italy. Would you like to spend some time on your favorite shooting sport? Then get your order in!

250 Rounds of 1 ounce #8 shot 12ga Ammo by NobelSport

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