1000 Rounds of 158gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by PMC

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When the bootleggers and mafia members of the Gangster Era discovered they could simply duck behind their car doors to defeat most bullets, the .38 Super Automatic became the only pistol cartridge capable of penetrating those barriers. It was just able to get through the car doors and vests gangsters were using as protection, and the fact that it barely managed to defeat those things made some designers decide to come up with something new. A collaborative effort took place, although the lion’s share of the credit tends to go to Elmer Keith, and in 1934 the .357 Magnum came out. The .357 has speed and stopping power to spare and is an incredibly reliable one-shot stopper.

These are medium-weight 158 grain rounds, so they’re able to reach even greater speeds than heavier rounds while still producing significant force. They’re JSP’s and begin to expand at the moment of impact; expansion is controlled by the jacket, enabling the bullet to penetrate more deeply and create a more traumatic wound channel. The knockdown power of these rounds is phenomenal; they absolutely get the job done. Each round comes speeding from the barrel of your gun with stunning speed with a muzzle velocity of 1471 feet per second and hits with furious force with a muzzle energy of 759 foot-pounds. This is defense ammunition at its best; if you carry your .357 Magnum for personal protection, this ammunition is just what you’ve been looking for.

You get 1000 defense rounds in this case of ammunition from PMC, and if you think that’s more than you could possibly need, you’re mistaken. Although your .357 Magnum is always a powerful gun, defense rounds are even more powerful, making it a must to get in target time with your chosen defense rounds to ensure accuracy and shot placement in a self-defense situation. PMC is a part of the Poongsan Corporation and produces ammunition at their plant in South Korea. They use raw materials for components, giving them even greater control over quality; these are high-quality defense rounds made with great care. Order a box today and feed your gun the kind of exceptionally powerful rounds it was made to fire.

1000 Rounds of 158gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by PMC

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