50 Rounds of 158gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by PMC

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PMC – Precision Made Cartridges – is a subsidiary of the Poongsan Corporation, a company that got its start in 1968. For decades they’ve been constantly growing and expanding to become one of the largest ammunition suppliers on a global level, making everything from small arms ammunition to big howitzer rounds. They manufacture ammunition according to the high standards required by the military, and their excess ammo, which is branded as PMC, is used by shooters both new and experienced. They’re able to exercise greater quality control than many companies because they make all their components from raw materials; they even make their own rolls of brass. In addition to reliable quality their products are economically priced, so they’re a great choice for high-volume shooters.

At 158 grain these are medium-weight for the .357 Magnum. They’re JSP’s and deliver controlled expansion on impact, creating devastating wound channels; jacketing also improves overall bullet strength and decreases lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. This is great self-defense ammunition, just remember that defense rounds produce more recoil than target rounds and take the time to train with defense rounds so you can become accustomed to their increased power. Each round leaves the barrel of your gun fast with a muzzle velocity of 1471 feet per second and hits with serious force with a muzzle energy of 759 foot-pounds. PMC produces this ammunition in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, making these fully reloadable.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box of PMC ammunition. PMC manufactures their ammunition at the Poongsan plant in South Korea. When using your .357 Magnum for self-defense it’s important to keep it loaded with defense rounds like these JSP’s, which decelerate as they expand. The fact that they slow drastically prevents over-penetration and protects innocent bystanders. Magnum rounds are powerful and even more prone to over-penetration than most, so you need to be fully aware of our gun’s capabilities. Spend time firing your gun into a variety of targets to find out how it penetrates at various distances – that’s something all gun owners should do, regardless of caliber. And order this 50-round box so you’re ready if the worst does happen. It always pays to be prepared.

50 Rounds of 158gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by PMC

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