20 Rounds of 95gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by PMC

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The .380 ACP owes a great deal of its popularity to its small size, which makes it easier to conceal. Shooters who favor ankle and pocket holsters turn to guns chambered in .380 ACP for ease of concealment, lighter weight, and close-quarters accuracy. And although some shooters think a pocket pistol can simply be dropped in their pockets, nothing could be farther from realistic. A loose gun will slide around unpredictably, fall out, collect lint and debris in its barrel, and create a hazard. By using a good quality pocket holster your .380 ACP will be securely positioned within your pants’ pocket so it’s readily available just where you need it, when you need it, and also so it doesn’t print. Of course, you also need to load it with defense ammunition.

These defense rounds are made by PMC, Precision Made Cartridges, which is a subsidiary of the Poongsan Corporation. Poongsan is an ISO-9001 certified company located in South Korea. They were founded in 1968 and got their start supplying their own military with ammunition; today they manufacture everything from small caliber to howitzer rounds and distribute them worldwide. Because the South Korean military relies on Poongsan to supply all their ammunition, the company must adhere to high standards, and due to that strict adherence, shooters all around the world favor PMC’s ammunition. They take production seriously, even manufacturing their own rolls of brass, and their products are economically priced.

At 95 grain these are considered standard weight for .380 ACP rounds. They’re JHP’s, so they expand on impact, and their jacketing controls expansion, so they penetrate with significant depth. The deeper wound channels JHP’s are capable of creating translate to better stopping power. This ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 925 feet per second and muzzle energy of 180 foot-pounds. It’s good for self-defense because, in addition to the wound created, JHP’s decelerate on impact as well, which serves to protect innocent bystanders. There are 20 defense rounds in this single box. PMC produces them in fresh brass with boxer primer, so they can be reloaded. Do you need affordable defense ammo? This is it.

20 Rounds of 95gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by PMC

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