50 Rounds of 94gr FMJ .380 ACP Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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When it comes to concealed carry favorites, .380 ACP is definitely high on the list. Due to their smaller size, they’re easier to conceal, as well as being more affordable overall. This has been an immensely popular round since the cartridge’s inception in 1908 by John Browning. And if you’re a fan of this compact, lightweight pistol, then this Prvi Partizan .380 ACP 94 grain FMJ ammunition is a great match for your target practice needs.

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928, and for nearly one hundred years, the Serbian manufacturer has been producing affordable ammunition for shooters. They started out supplying local LE and military needs, eventually expanding to produce the more than 400 types of ammunition they make today. And as worldwide ammunition suppliers, Prvi Partizan takes pride in their dedication to meeting SAAMI or CIP standards. They have a quality control team on-site to ensure all ammunition is properly loaded and continue to strive for greater heights. Whether you need target practice, tactical training, or just want to go plinking, these FMJ rounds will meet your needs.

These rounds are a lightweight 94 grain, so they won’t weigh down your pistol, and they have good speed. Their muzzle velocity is 951 feet per second and muzzle energy is 188 foot-pounds. .380 pistols are at their peak performance in close quarters, and with this ammunition, you can put in practice specifically for those situations. Round placement and practice are vital to every shooter’s development and skill maintenance, and for practice time you can afford, you want FMJ rounds like these.

50 rounds in this single box of ammunition will give you some time at the range honing your skills. And if you want to spend even more time on your marksmanship abilities, buy more than one box. These rounds come in fresh brass, boxer-primed cases, so they can be reloaded. And they’re non-corrosive, so they won’t produce excess friction in your gun’s barrel. What are you waiting for?

50 Rounds of 94gr FMJ .380 ACP Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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