500 Rounds of 180gr JSP .44 Mag Ammo by Remington

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In 1816, a young man by the name of Eliphalet Remington decided to design and build a new flintlock rifle. He sketched his design and used his father’s forge to build the rifle, then entered a competition to test it out. After winning second place, he undoubtedly wished for first, but spectators had been mightily impressed and began placing orders. Practically overnight, Eliphalet became a gunsmith, and Remington was born. That was almost 200 years ago, and the company has come a long way. They’re known for their innovation and dedication to quality and now have six plants throughout the South and east coast. Remington has become a leader in the field of firearms and ammunition, and all because a young man decided to build his own rifle.

That same innovation went into the creation of the .44 Magnum. Elmer Keith spent years fine-tuning handloading practices to create this bold cartridge, and when he was done and the .44 Magnum entered production in 1955, it became an instant success. The .44 Magnum may be famous for its part in Dirty Harry and the oft-quoted “Make my day” line, but it speaks for itself with every booming pull of the trigger. It’s used in both pistols and rifles and is popular not only for self-defense and target shooting but also for hunting. Although it’s said to be best for game the size of elk, it can also be used by skilled marksman to take down Cape Buffalo and has been famously used on polar bears as well. The .44 Magnum is one impressive round, and you’d better keep yours well-fed.

At 180 grain these are considered lightweight for the cartridge size. These are JSP rounds and deliver controlled expansion on impact, penetrating while slowing down to create a devastating wound track. Soft Point rounds can be used in areas where HP’s are illegal. Each of these rounds moves like lightning, bursting from the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 1610 feet per second and slamming into your target with muzzle energy of 1036 foot-pounds. This ammunition can be used for hunting, self-defense, or target shooting. There are 500 rounds in this box; just enough to get your .44 Magnum warm. Remington manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Order today and enjoy the full stopping power of your .44 Magnum with American-made ammo.

500  Rounds of 180gr JSP .44 Mag Ammo by Remington

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