250 Rounds of 00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Rio Ammunition

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00 buck is a favorite among many deer hunters and should be used under 50 yards for a clean kill. Some hunters prefer it for use in heavy brush because it’s able to travel through areas where rifle rounds would either be destroyed or turned, making it a safer option in certain areas. And when a pine bough gets in the way, it’s possible to take the shot anyway and fell the deer quickly and cleanly, which isn’t something you could do with a slug or rifle round. Fans of 00 buck also point out you can hit every vital area without destroying an entire shoulder roast as often happens with 30-06. It isn’t just a hunting round, though; many shotgun owners use it for home defense, preferring the power and spread of the big pellets over the singular kick of a slug.

These shotgun shells are made by Rio, a company founded in 1896 in a collaborative effort by a group of Spanish businesses in the explosives business. The plant is located outside the village of Galdacano in Northern Spain, and is tucked back into the trees for safety’s sake. The plant manager says it seemed most responsible to keep the handling of explosives well away from any population, so the plant is a bit of a trek from the nearest village. Rio has full control over production, making every component on site so they’re able to monitor each and every step of manufacturing. The result is greater quality control and a solid reputation in the ammunition industry.

These are 12 gauge shells with nine 00 buck pellets packed inside. Rio uses a proprietary die-press to ensure uniform weight and diameter, so these shells deliver consistent, dense patterns. These shells are 2 ¾” in length and have a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second. They’re also low recoil, so firing them doesn’t produce the full kick you’ll get from other shells. You get 250 shells in this box, so you’re going to be well set whether for hunting or home defense. The uniformity of the pellets in these Rio shells lends to improved performance, so if you want to try a shell seasoned hunters praise for its dependable cycling and accuracy, get your order in without delay.

250 Rounds of  00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Rio Ammunition

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