500 Rounds of 147gr FMJ .308 Win Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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This package of brass cased, boxer primed, 147gr full metal jacket, .308 caliber rifle ammunition by Sellier and Bellot is a superb choice of hunting and target shooting rounds, highly effective at a range of up to 600 yards. Specifically up for sale are a grand total of 500 rounds of .308 ammunition sold in 25 boxes with 20 bullets each.

This package is an excellent option for you if you need a lot of rounds on a long term basis.

These particular .308 rounds are brass cased, heavily favored by hunters and target shooters alike for being reliable, accurate, and easily reloadable. They are also boxer primed, meaning that the anvil is a separate piece that is included in the primer, with the primer pocket having no anvil and one flash hole. This only further makes these rounds easier to reload, as rounds with boxer primers are much easier to reload.

Delivering a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet per second, this .308 ammunition will not let you down for nearly any use that you may need them for. These bullets are also lighter in weight due to the 147 grains in each bullet. For your typical .308 rifle, this will mean less recoil; as a result, you won't want to look much further for a better .308 round for target practice when you want to shoot multiple rounds to test your skill without hurting your shoulder (usually a good thing, right?).

As stated before, this ammo is manufactured by Sellier and Bellot, an ammunition manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, and in turn a subsidiary company of CBC, one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world. Sellier and Bellot manufactures handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo for civilian, match shooting, and law enforcement markets.

500 Rounds of 147gr FMJ .308 Win Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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Review by James
I have used this several times in my m1a works flawless. Would buy, tight groupings at 100 yds (Posted on 2/1/12)

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