600 Rounds of 240gr SP .44 Mag Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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If firearms aficionados were going to choose one person to thank for their contributions to the world of ammunition, it’d probably be Elmer Keith. Keith was many things – a rancher in Idaho, an outdoorsman, an author, and, first and foremost, a firearms lover. But it was his work handloading ammunition he’s best known for, and for good reason. Thanks to years of careful fine-tuning, his handloading habits resulted in cartridges like the truly legendary .44 Magnum. He started designing it back in about 1950, but it wasn’t ready until 1955 – that tells you just how much work went into it. If you love your .44 Magnum – and we’re sure you do – say a silent thanks to Elmer Keith.

These are 240 grain rounds, making them rather lightweight for the .44 Magnum. Obviously they’re substantial rounds, but for this big, bold cartridge, they’re light. These are Soft Point rounds and offer controlled expansion on impact; they create catastrophic wound tracks and penetrate more deeply than HPs. Because SP rounds decelerate as they expand, the risk of over-penetration is decreased. Each of these rounds zips down-range at a muzzle velocity of 1181 feet per second and rips into its target at a muzzle energy of 743 foot-pounds. This ammunition can be used for hunting small and medium game as well as self-defense.

You get 600 defense rounds with your order of this ammunition from Sellier and Bellot. Sellier and Bellot was founded in 1825 by Louis Sellier, who started small making percussion caps for the infantry and quickly expanded to the civilian market. After almost two centuries in business they’ve expanded to global distribution, and if you’ve never tried their ammunition, it’s past time you did. Production takes place at their plant in Vlasim, Czech Republic, and all ammunition is loaded according to SAAMI or CIP standards. And because these are made in virgin brass cases with boxer primer, they can be reloaded, so, really, you get to fire as many rounds as you can reload. Don’t wait another second; order now.

600 Rounds of 240gr SP .44 Mag Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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