20 Rounds of 123gr FMJ 7.62x39mm Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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The 7.62x39mm round was created in 1944 in the Soviet Union first for use in the RPD machine gun and then for the SKS and AK-47. It’s a rimless, bottleneck cartridge and was designed after significant debate and testing, and although it got its start as a military round in the Soviet Union, it’s become immensely popular for civilian use. Both the SKS and AK-47 are fun, powerful rifles, and the 7.62x39mm rounds they eat are surprisingly affordable. If you have a gun chambered for this cartridge, why aren’t you outside punching holes in targets with it right his minute instead of reading this product description? You need ammo? Read on.

At 123 grain these are reasonably lightweight rounds. They’re FMJ and best for target practical, tactical training, and plinking; remember, rifle rounds can literally travel for miles, so you need to have a solid backstop in place during range time. Each of these rounds moves with stunning speed, flying down-range with a muzzle velocity of 2421 feet per second and hits with serious force with a muzzle energy of 1601 foot-pounds. Sellier and Bellot produces this ammunition in new-production brass cases with boxer primer so you can collect your spent brass, reload, and get some more range time in.

You get 20 target rounds in this single box of ammunition. Sellier and Bellot manufactures all their ammunition at their established plant in Vlasim, Czech Republic; all ammunition is made to SAAMI or CIP specifications. They’ve been in business for almost 200 years and all that experience shows in the quality of their products. Don’t wait to feed your SKS or AK-47. If you’re looking for well-made target rounds at reasonable prices from a company with a solid reputation, this is it. Place your order now and get yourself to the range without delay. Your rifle is hungry; feed it.

20 Rounds of 123gr FMJ 7.62x39mm Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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