20 Rounds of 125gr SP 7.62x39mm Ammo by Silver Bear

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Back in 1869 Aleksander I, who was, at the time, Emperor of Russia, ordered the building of an ammunition plant in St. Petersburg. As a result the Barnaul Machine Tool Plant was built; today they produce a number of ammunition lines, including Silver Bear, the maker of this particular 7.62x39mm ammunition. Barnaul has quite a history, for example, during World War II literally half the ammunition used by the Russian Army was made by them, and when the Germans threatened St. Petersburg, they moved to Moscow – but then the Germans threatened Moscow, and they had to move to Barnaul. Fortunately they’ve been able to stay in Barnaul since then, which is a good location because it gives them easy access to a multitude of raw materials and reliable suppliers. Barnaul is a trusted company in Russia, and with their ammunition you can finally afford to be a high-volume shooter.

These are 125 grain rounds, making them fairly lightweight by 7.62x39mm standards. Being lightweight does enable them to travel at greater speeds, but they’re still powerful rounds. This is SP ammunition, so it delivers controlled expansion on impact, penetrating deeply to create a catastrophic wound track. If you live in an area where HPs are not allowed, you can use these SP rounds. Each of these rounds moves with extraordinary speed at a muzzle velocity of 2401 feet per second and hammers your target with fantastic energy. This ammunition is designed for hunting game such as deer.

You get 20 rounds of ammunition in this single box from Silver Bear. As mentioned above production takes place in Barnaul, Russia, and the company has almost 150 years of experience behind them. Their location is geographically advantageous, allowing better access to the raw materials they need for components, and they employ multiple methods to save you money. One method is the bi-metal layering process used to create these steel cases; to ensure consistent cycling the cases are zinc plated and to ensure ignition they’re berdan primed. The manufacturer notes these cases may attract a magnet. Order your Silver Bear rounds to keep your rifle fed without emptying your wallet.

20 Rounds of 125gr SP 7.62x39mm Ammo by Silver Bear

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