20 Rounds of 62gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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The .223 Remington was designed in 1964 by, of course, Remington, to fit the action of the M16. The cartridge was designed to fall right between its predecessors, the .222 Remington and .222 Remington Magnum, from a ballistic standpoint, and, as many popular rounds have, got its start in the military. But it wasn’t long after the military opted to go with the semi-auto M16 that the AR-15 hit the market, and suddenly it was a civilian favorite. Today the .223 just might be the most common rifle cartridge in the U.S. and is used in varmint rifles and semi-automatic rifles. It’s certainly a versatile round, suitable for target practice, hunting, tactical training, self-defense, law enforcement, and plinking.

These 62 grain rounds are fairly lightweight, which gives them the ability to fly from the barrel of your rifle at greater speeds. They’re HP rounds and expand on impact, creating a gaping wound track, while also decelerating. This ammunition boasts an impressive speed with a muzzle velocity of 3025 feet per second. Tula produces these rounds in steel cases utilizing their own unique process, alternating thin layers of copper and steel until they reach the proper case thickness. Completed rounds are coated in a special polymer, which ensures feeding and ejecting while also helping them remain non-corrosive.

You get 20 rounds with your order. This ammunition is great for target practice and plinking, and can also be used for self-defense and hunting. Tula manufactures this ammo at their plant in Tula, Russia. The company has become a giant in the ammunitions industry and has more than 300 years of experience behind it. When it comes to powerhouses in the world of ammunition, Tula certainly fits the bill. Don’t let the high cost of some ammunition stop you from shooting. Tula’s ammunition is economically priced and is used by shooters all around the world. Place your order now to keep your rifle fed.

20 Rounds of 62gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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