20 Rounds of 75gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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Three hundred years is a long time to be in business, and when that business is an ammunition manufacturer, it’s also a long time to spend fine-tuning your products. When the Tula Arms Plant was founded in 1712 with the sole purpose of supplying the village of Tula, Russia, with the weapons and ammunition necessary to protect them from invading nomads, their reach was understandably limited to the village around them. In the 19th century, Tula was considered one of the greatest firearms companies in Europe, an era marked by their production of the Berdan rifle and the Mosin. By the 20th century the company was fully mechanized, and today, in the 21st century, Tula is a giant in the industry, supplying shooters worldwide with economically-priced ammunition and firearms.

At 75 grain these are actually on the heavier side for the .223 cartridge. Greater weight slows a round down somewhat but these rounds are still light enough to move at impressive speeds. They’re HP’s, expanding on impact while slowing down at the same time, which creates a devastating wound track, making them a viable option for home defense because they should not over-penetrate. That also makes them a reasonable choice for hunting, since many AR-15 owners use their guns for hunting game like whitetail deer. This ammunition flies from the barrel of your rifle with stunning velocity and impacts your target with compelling force. It can be used for hunting, home defense, target practice, and tactical training.

These are 20 HP rounds in this box; it’s a nice size for carrying in your pocket when you go hunting and also great for packing in your range bag. It’s made by the venerable Tula Arms Plant in Tula, Russia, which has been in business for more than 300 years. That’s right, they were founded in 1712 by decree of Tsar Peter I of Russia, and they’ve got not 1 but 3 centuries of experience backing their ammunition. Don’t let the cost of feeding your rifle stop you from spending as much time shooting it as you want. With Tula’s economical prices you can hit the range for hours on end, so get your order in, load your gun, and have some fun. After all, you got your rifle to use it, so get to it!

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

20 Rounds of 75gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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