500 Rounds of 75gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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In 1712, the village of Tula, Russia, had a problem. Nomads were constantly attacking and ravaging their homes, and the best weapons cache was in Moscow, which was too far away to do them any good. Seeing the problem, Tsar Peter I decreed the village start their very own ammunition factory, and the Tula Arms Plant was born. Since their inception they’ve used the latest technology, which has certainly changed since the water machines of the early 18th century. For 300 years their dedication to quality and innovation has shown in their handiwork, and today they supply ammunition to shooters all over the world.

At 75 grain these are fairly heavy .223 rounds, making them more capable of delivering a solid impact. They’re Hollow Point rounds and deliver rapid energy transfer on impact, immediately beginning to expand and decelerate, the combination of which causes a massive wound track. Deceleration also prevents over-penetration, which keeps innocent bystanders safe. As HP’s these can be used for hunting, as many .223 owners like to use their rifles to hunt whitetail deer, and can also be used for home defense. And, of course, you can use this ammunition for target practice and plinking. Each round has stunning muzzle velocity at 3025 feet per second.

With 500 rounds in this box of ammunition you’re going to be set for one fantastic day heating up your favorite .223-chambered rifle, that or several equally great but shorter days. Don’t forget to build your stash, too, because you don’t want to be the shooter that can’t feed your gun. Tula utilizes their unique bimetal layering process to make these rounds, layering copper and steel until they come up with the prefect steel case. Each round is give a polymer coating upon completion for reliable cycling. This is economically priced ammunition made by a legendary company, so you have no reason not to get some – so get some!

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

500 Rounds of 75gr HP .223 Ammo by Tula

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