500 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by Tula

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In the 1890’s and the early years of the 20th century, the US Cavalry went through a period of testing various handgun calibers. Much like recently when SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand) finally settled the caliber debate for the Navy SEALs and other SOF (Special Operations Forces) men, the US Cavalry decided in 1904 that .45 ACP was the way to go. The Cavalry also made the observation that shot placement mattered, but even so, the stopping power and capability for a devastating and massive wound track made the .45 ACP top their list. Once they settled on the caliber, it was a matter of practice, and that’s what FMJ rounds are for: practice.

Just because you have a gun capable of making a big hole doesn’t mean you don’t need practice. These are FMJ rounds produced by the famed Tula Arms Plant of Tula, Russia, and they’re just what you need for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. After all, as important as training is, it’s also a good idea to enjoy yourself, which is why it can be a great idea to knock a few cans over. These are 230 grain rounds, making them the heavyweights of the .45 ACP world. But they still have a good muzzle velocity at 850 feet per second, and because they’re heavy .45 ACP, you know they’re going to hit hard. When you want to put a nice-sized hole in your target, these will do it, and then some.

If 500 rounds seems like a lot – because 500 rounds are what you get in this box – it really isn’t. You’ll fire this entire box of ammunition before you know it, and when you’re done, you’ll find your skills have improved. Every time you take your gun out, your marksmanship is affected, and with this many rounds, you’ll have the ability to make a noticeable difference. Tula has 300 years of experience manufacturing these steel-cased, boxer-primed rounds. You can get your practice time in and save money while you’re at it. Don’t let your caliber do all the talking, let your skill yell loudest.

Tula 45 ACP Ammo For Sale

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  • Tula 45 ACP Ammo For Sale

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