50 Rounds of 125gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by Winchester

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Indoor range time. Some shooters love it, some would rather be outdoors, but at one time or another, we all end up inside. There are some definite pros, like the way the targets come to you courtesy of the push of a button and how you can just go back into the store for ammunition if you run out – and then there’s the big con: lead in the air. Every time you pull the trigger, the round that bursts from the barrel of your gun releases lead into the air. But does it have to? Not if you load your gun with Winchester’s WinClean ammunition. These rounds are lead-free in every possible way, keeping that black residue out of your lungs and out of your gun’s barrel, too.

These particular WinClean rounds are JSP’s. Jacketed Soft Points are an awesome fit when you need more power and expansion than an average round but either can’t or don’t want to use hollow points. They begin to expand immediately upon impact, but their jacketing slows and controls expansion, allowing it to penetrate more deeply. They’re nice defense rounds, and if you live somewhere where HP’s are illegal, JSP’s are an alternative option. Winchester manufactures these defense rounds right here in America, and with more than 150 years of experience backing them, you just know they’re going to be good.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box; a nice number for keeping a few mags loaded for self-defense or stacking boxes in your safe for later use. At 125 grain they’re at the light end of the weight range for the .357 Magnum, but their lighter weight does give them increased speed. They’re new production, non-corrosive brass cases with boxer primer, which means you can reload, making this an even sweeter deal. These extra-clean rounds burst from your gun with a fantastic muzzle velocity of 1370 feet per second and pack a serious punch with a muzzle energy of 521 foot-pounds. You love your .357 Magnum, and that means you want to keep it in the greatest possible condition. With these rounds, you’re taking a leap in the right direction at keeping it clean and creating less friction in your gun’s barrel. Prove your love. Order Winchester WinClean.

357 Magnum 125 gr JSP Winchester Winclean Ammo For Sale!

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