50 Rounds of 125gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by Winchester

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Winchester WinClean ammunition is designed to make your shooting experience better for you and for those around you. These rounds were created specifically to drastically reduce airborne contaminants, so there’s hardly any lead released into the air upon firing. That’s good not only for your lungs but for everyone at your range. Winchester put all their almost-150 years of talent into these rounds, and we think you’ll be pleased not only with the cleaner air but also your cleaner gun.

These are .357 Magnum rounds, and that means power. They’re JSP, so they provide impressive energy transfer and mushroom on impact while offering deeper penetration than hollow points do. They’re fantastic for personal protection; if you want to keep yourself and your family safe, load your gun with JSP. They’re 125 grain so they’re pretty lightweight; they have a muzzle velocity of 1,370 feet per second. And as defense rounds, you need serious stopping power; these have a muzzle energy of 521 foot-pounds. One-shot stopping power, here you come.

There are 50 rounds in this box of ammunition which really isn’t that many opportunities to enjoy the Winchester WinClean difference. But it is a great size to tuck in your safe or to put a few rounds into a target to get a feel for their power. It’s vital to know how your defense rounds feel, and that means practicing with them. For a cleaner defense round with deeper penetration than a hollow point, load your personal carry weapon with this ammunition.

50 Rounds of 125gr JSP .357 Mag Ammo by Winchester

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