500 Rounds of 124gr BEB 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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Your gun is not a decoration or prop; it is not a paperweight or dust catcher. You work hard honing your skills, spending dedicated hours improving your accuracy and speed, and you’ve put so many rounds through your gun you would’ve lost count a long time ago if it wasn’t for your log. There are two main side effects of all that training: you’re constantly becoming a better shooter and your gun gets dirty. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could train at high volumes without making your gun so filthy? Well, now you can.

This is Winchester WinClean. It’s designed with keeping your gun cleaner in mind, and also with keeping the air around you cleaner, so it’s good for both your gun and your lungs. It features a brass-enclosed base, so the bullet is entirely covered, which significantly minimizes lead particles being released on firing. It also has a unique primer, which is free of lead and other toxins. Winchester put their experience and innovation to work coming up with ammunition that drastically reduces the lead and other toxins released into the air around you, and not only is it healthier for you, it’s better for the lungs of everyone at your local range. Shooters who have used it extensively say their guns remain “squeaky clean” hundreds of rounds later.

At 124 grain these are fairly lightweight 9mm rounds. They’re BEB and meant for target practice, tactical training, and plinking, so if you’re a dedicated shooter, this ammunition is just what you need to hone your skills. You get 500 rounds in this case, so you can focus on improving your marksmanship without worrying about running out. Even better, these virgin brass cases are boxer primed and reloadable, so you can hit the range again. All of Winchester’s ammunition is manufactured with pride in America. To shoot more and clean your gun less, try WinClean.

500  Rounds of 124gr BEB 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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