500 Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Wolf

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If you're looking for 223 ammo that you can shoot a lot of without having to promise your first-born child to some warload in exchange for the ammo, this Wolf is an excellent choice to give yourself round-after-round reliability.

These 223 rounds feature a 55 grain full metal jacket bullet, standard weight for most AR-15 shooters. Wolf is one of Russia's oldest cartridge producers and these rounds are from Wolf's Russian manufacturing facility.

The 223 rounds have a polymer coated, steel case that isn't corrosive. The cartridges are berdan primed and not reloadable so if you're a reloader, you'll likely want to consider another manufacturer that uses brass cased rounds.

Wolf's polymer coating reduces friction between the casings and the magazines. The coating can also help prevent the steel from rusting and thanks to that coating, these rounds should not affected by extreme temperatures in the chamber of your rifle. After all, we're guessing you're like us --- you shoot A LOT and your it's not uncommong for your AR-15 to get hot!

The bullet has a lead core with a bi-metal jacket so it won't pass a magnet test if you shoot at a range that requires non-magnetic rounds. Keep in mind, steel-cased ammo is considerably lower priced then brass ammunition.

Expect these rounds to fire with a muzzle velocity of around 3,241 feet per second along with a muzzle energy of 1,283 foot pounds.

You'll receive this 223 ammo at your door as 2 sealed 500 round cases, with each box containing 20 rounds. The individual boxes make it convenient to take as many or as few rounds with you to the range as you need.

500  Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Wolf

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