20 Rounds of 70gr PowR Ball .380 ACP Ammo by Corbon

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These are the ever-popular Pow’rball rounds from Cor-bon/Glaser Ammunition. They were first created to solve the choking problem frequently caused by the wide mouths of JHP’s and have become a top-of-the-line defense round. Sure, they’re JHP’s, so they offer controlled expansion, rapid energy transfer, and deeper penetration than the average HP, but they’re more than that. These defense rounds have a polymer ball in their hollow-point cavity, making them capable of an even higher level of expansion control for better soft-tissue mushrooming, increased weight retention, and more. When you load your .380 ACP with Pow’rball rounds, you’re getting a JHP with a forceful edge, one that offers you fantastic protection and delivers a truly catastrophic wound channel.

70 grain makes these exceptionally lightweight rounds, which means, of course, you get mind-blowing speed and softer recoil. As described above, their Pow’rball feature increases their effectiveness as a defense round and several features come together to make recovery and follow-up shots quicker and more accurate. They’re JHP’s meant specifically for self-defense, so if you carry your .380 ACP for safety’s sake, this is the powerful round for you. They have a phenomenal muzzle velocity of 1100 feet per second and muzzle energy of 188 foot-pounds. Cor-bon makes these in fresh brass cases with boxer primer so you can reload.

Cor-bon Ammunition was founded in 1982 by Peter Pi, Sr., after he tried handgun hunting and found he enjoyed it immensely. But when he found out there was a serious lack of specialty ammunition for the sport, he became frustrated. After spending a lot of time studying ballistics and bullets, he began designing his own rounds, and Cor-bon was born. The company is a subsidiary of Dakota Arms, Inc., and today is headquartered in Sturgis, North Dakota. The same year he founded the company, Peter Pi, Sr., also graduated from the Michigan Police Reserve Academy. Pi has a unique understanding of ammunition, and he shares his insights with you in the form of top-tier ammunition. You get 20 rounds of Pow’rball defense ammunition in this box, so if you want more than just a few of these bold rounds, you’d better buy more than one box.

380 Auto 70 gr Corbon Pow'RBall Ammo For Sale!

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Review by BLP
Tried to shoot this ammo with our new Glock 42, but the miss-fed and jammed every other round. Also bought some of this ammo in 9mm for a new Glock 43, same problem. We've had no issues with other ammo, but these PowR Balls were a waist of money for us. Others may like it, but if it jams when testing it, it'll jam when it's needed, so this gets two thumbs down. (Posted on 1/26/16)

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