20 Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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Shooters who carry a .44 Magnum do so because they want every shot to count, and then some. It’s a large-bore cartridge that doesn’t take “no” for an answer: if you want to blow a hole in something, and you want that hole to be impressive, shoot it with your .44 Magnum. Hunters have used the .44 Magnum to take down game of all kinds including Cape Buffalo and polar bears; some even claim to have felled elephants using this enormous round. And although the .44 is frequently seen today as a revolver cartridge, there are .44-chambered rifles, and hunters who favor them do so for many reasons, including their ability to blast through twigs and obstacles without being dissuaded. No, the .44 Magnum cannot be dissuaded.

These are Hornady defense rounds. At 200 grain they’re actually the lightweights of the .44 Magnum world, but still heavy overall, so they pack a serious punch. They’re JHP’s, so they’re specifically designed for self-defense; they’re capable of significant energy transfer on impact and also begin to expand immediately on impact. This ammunition includes Hornady’s XTP bullet, which is known for superior knockdown power, and that combined with the usual brawn of a .44 Magnum makes for one staggering round. This ammunition is wicked fast; it has a muzzle velocity of 1,500 feet per second. It also hits with more force than most pistols could even dream of with a muzzle energy of 993 foot-pounds.

There are 20 of these impressively fast defense rounds in this box, so you can keep your gun loaded for personal protection. It’s also wise to train with your defense ammunition, so it’s a good choice to order an extra box or two for training purposes. Hornady’s superior ammunition is manufactured at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, so you’re getting high-quality rounds that are made with pride in America. As founder Joyce Hornady once said of marksmanship, “ten rounds through one hole” and with your .44 Magnum and these JHP defense rounds, your one hole can be so big you won’t need two, let alone ten.

20 Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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