20 Rounds of 225gr FTX .44 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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You have a lever-action gun with a tubular magazine. You love the bold power of the .44 Magnum cartridges and the slightly greater rate of fire. You favor it for its ability to deliver a clean kill while hunting and fantastic power shooting targets. And because your lever-action is your favorite, you know its strengths and also its weaknesses: if you load your lever-action with the wrong ammunition, the points of each cartridge will rest on the next cartridge’s primer, which can cause a catastrophic explosion. Hornady understands the nuances of your lever-action, too, so they created this LEVERevolution line, which solves that potentially dangerous problem.

These .44 Magnum LEVERevolution rounds are 225 grain, which is considered to be at the lighter end of the weight scale for the large-bore cartridge. Because they’re a bit lighter, they’re capable of greater speeds than heavier rounds. Hornady created these rounds for your lever-action rifle and also for your revolver. They’re Hornady’s patented FTX rounds; Flex Tip Technology means these soft, elastomer-tipped rounds compress and push back into the bullet upon impact, delivering rapid energy transfer and immediate expansion. Ballistics are as follows:

  • Revolver muzzle velocity: 1,410 feet per second
  • Revolver 50-yard velocity: 1,234 feet per second
  • Revolver 100-yard velocity: 1,104 feet per second
  • Revolver muzzle energy: 993 foot-pounds
  • Revolver 50-yard energy: 761 foot-pounds
  • Revolver 100-yard energy: 609 foot-pounds
  • Rifle muzzle velocity: 1,870 feet per second
  • Rifle 50-yard velocity: 1,629 feet per second
  • Rifle 100-yard velocity: 1,416 feet per second
  • Rifle muzzle energy: 1,747 foot-pounds
  • Rifle 50-yard energy: 1,325 foot-pounds
  • Rifle 100-yard energy: 1,002 foot-pounds

Hornady manufactures this revolutionary ammunition at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. It’s a spectacular hunting round; many hunters use it for game such as deer. Of course, you can also use it to completely obliterate melons and gourds or destroy pop cans. There are 20 rounds in this box so you can take down some game or train for hunting season to get a feel for the immense strength of this ammunition. And because they have fresh brass cases with boxer primer, they can be reloaded. If you want a seriously powerful round designed specifically for your lever-action, you can’t pass this up.

(Hornady recommends not storing this ammunition in tubular magazines. Prolonged periods sitting in a tubular magazine may cause the elastomer tips to deform.)

20 Rounds of 225gr FTX .44 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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