20 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Speer

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When lives are on the line, seconds count, and you want every possible factor working in your favor. For one thing that means you should be getting in range time to improve accuracy, shot placement, and follow-up shots, but it also means you should be loading your self-defense gun with the right ammunition. We all know target rounds are wholly inadequate for self-defense for myriad reasons, from their lack of expansion and simple creation of a through-and-through – which means no real stopping power – to their tendency to over-penetrate, which can harm innocent bystanders. But that doesn’t mean all defense rounds are created equal, because they’re not. Speer Gold Dot defense ammunition is trusted by members of law enforcement, and that’s an endorsement not many can claim.

These Speer Gold Dot rounds are for your .40 S&W. They’re heavy rounds at 180 grain and capable of solid knockdown power, and that’s just what you want in a defense round. This is HP ammunition and begins to expand immediately upon impact while slowing down at the same time, meaning it’s capable of creating a large, devastating wound cavity. Each round leaves the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 985 feet per second and makes contact with a muzzle energy of 400 foot-pounds. This is carefully created self-defense ammunition, but that doesn’t mean you should load your gun and stop there. Train with your defense rounds; your accuracy will improve, and that can save lives.

You get 20 defense rounds in this box of ammunition from Speer. Speer was founded in 1944 by Vernon Speer, an innovative Navy veteran who got the company started by renting basement space from a grocery store. It didn’t take long for Speer to need far more space, so they moved to property near the Snake River in Lewiston, Idaho, and that’s where production continues to take place today. Only quality components are used in Speer ammunition and Gold Dot defense rounds are known for their reliable performance and dependable cycling. Get your order in without delay to keep your daily carry weapon loaded with the ammunition countless law enforcement officers trust.

20 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Speer

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