50 Rounds of 124gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Speer

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Fast Facts
  • Manufacturer Speer
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 124gr
  • Projectile Type JHP
  • Ammo Use Type Self Defense
  • Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Quantity 50
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Manufacturer SKU 53618
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec) 1150
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds) 364
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 076683536181
  • Cost Per Round 82¢ per round
  • Description
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More Details About Our 50 Rounds of 124gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Speer

Speer was founded in 1944 by Vernon Speer. During World War I Vernon served in the U.S. Navy, and when he was just 21 he created a new kind of airplane engine. The only way to find out of it worked was to use it, so Vernon simply installed it in a biplane, climbed in, and took it aloft. The engine worked, and that was only the beginning of Vernon’s innovation. Years later when he started Speer he got the company going by renting space in the corner of the basement of a grocery store, but it didn’t take long for the company to outgrow the space. Vernon found property along the Snake River and established a factory, which remains operational in that location to this day. Speer has built a respected name for itself in the ammunition industry, and one of the ways it’s done that is with Speer Gold Dot ammunition.

These Speer Gold Dot rounds are made for your 9mm. At 124 grain they’re pretty lightweight rounds, so they’ll fly down-range at high speeds while still retaining enough weight to pack a solid punch on impact. These are Jacketed Hollow Points, so they deliver rapid energy transfer and begin controlled expansion on impact. Because the jackets control expansion there is greater penetration than standard HPs can manage, and that means a deeper, more devastating wound track. Each of these rounds has a muzzle velocity of 1150 feet per second and muzzle energy of 364 foot-pounds. This ammunition is meant for self-defense.

There are 50 defense rounds in this single box of ammunition. These are Speer Gold Dot rounds which are favored and trusted by countless members of law enforcement. When law enforcement officers trust a particular type of ammunition, it’s a good idea to pay attention, because their lives depend on what they carry on a daily basis. Speer manufactures ammunition at their plant in Lewiston, Idaho, according to exacting standards. Load your 9mm with the ammunition relied upon by members of law enforcement; order your own box of Speer Gold Dot rounds today.

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Really happy, will buy it again!!

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Good stuff


It is often hard to find non +P ammo in this weight. I prefer 124-grain for serious social use so seeing it here was a pleasant surprise, particularly at a good price given ammo costs these days.

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Questions & Answears

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Looking for defense ammo that would accommodate my Glock G19x, there are alot to choose from. Posted On: 7/22/2022 By: Sam Mauricio
Thanks for reaching out Sam! For my money, this Speer Gold Dot is one of the two best 9mm self-defense cartridges on the market. The other one I would recommend just as highly is Federal HST, which is also law enforcement grade. You pick either of them for your G19x and you're as ready as you're ever going to be. We got your Federal right here too, if you want it. It boils down to whether you prefer a 147gr or 124gr bullet. I personally prefer the heavier bullet for self-defense. ammoforsale.com/50-rounds-of-147gr-hst-jhp-9mm-ammo-by-federal-law-enforcement
what is JHP, and HST Posted On: 7/11/2020 By: lenny
HST is just a brand name that Federal gives to their line of self-defense ammunition. It doesn't actually stand for anything! JHP is shorthand for "jacketed hollow point." It's a specialized type of self-defense bullet which is designed to expand within soft tissue. By expanding a JHP accomplishes three things: transfer energy faster, create a wider wound channel, and reduce chance of potentially dangerous overpenetration. Compare the JHP to the FMJ (full metal jacket) which is more economical but which doesn't expand within soft tissue. Basically JHP = self-defense, FMJ = target practice. Hope this helps!
I just recently purchased a Beretta APX and was wondering if JHP Speer is a good fit. I read above that the HST is a good fit for any 9mm. Posted On: 7/2/2020 By: Kurtis Thomas
I believe you'd be very pleased with either round's performance out of your APX. They're both top shelf self-defense cartridges made according to tight specs and tolerances. Precisely which cartridge you deem better would likely boil down to your own preferences for your self-defense ammo!
Same question as other poster except for what about this round in a Glock 19 Gen 5? Posted On: 7/1/2020 By: Jeff
Oh yes, absolutely! A G19 should function like clockwork with this ammo. Countless cops and civilians use Gold Dot in that exact handgun.
ji i nust bought the beretta px4 storm 9mm wich bullet you recomend? Posted On: 6/14/2020 By: Inaudy Mediavilla
I'd recommend this ammo for self-defense without a doubt. Speer's Gold Dot ammo is optimized for law enforcement professionals. This round's bonded bullet retains its weight very well if it has to pass through one of severaly types of common urban barriers, and its nose cavity is effectively programmed to deliver highly uniform and reliable terminal penetration. I would also highly recommend Federal's HST for any 9mm handgun. That's similarly developed for law enforcement, able to function correctly after penetrating barriers such as heavy fabric and wallboard, and also able to expand extremely reliably. Either way I'd recommend the middleweight 124 grain bullet for your Beretta Px4 Storm (a fine firearm), which will have no trouble cycling those two self-defense loads' nickel plated brass. During these hectic times we've worked hard to keep what we believe to be the two finest 9mm self-defense loads in stock, so we're happy to say we can still take very good care of your personal protection needs!
I know you can't go wrong with either one of these but which would be your first choice, 9mm jhp 124gr Speer Dot or 9mm jhp 124gr Federal HST? Posted On: 5/17/2020 By: Carlos Tomas
Hi Carlos! You have locked on to two of the absolute best self-defense handgun bullets, no doubt about it. If I had to pick the better one, I'd have to go with the HST just because there are SO MUCH data available that prove how consistently it expands. Again, that's not to disparage the Gold Dot, but more shooters do tend to favor the HST.
My girlfriend has a glock 48 9mm will the speer 9mm 124g jhp fit with her glock? Posted On: 4/22/2020 By: Jim
Good afternoon Jim, The speer 9mm 124g jhp will indeed fit in her glock. It's actually considered to be one of the finest self defense/duty cartridges in the world. Let me know if I can get some on the way to you. Call us at 1-800-581-0293 where we'll be glad to help you or visit us online. Thanks for your question and we look forward to seeing you as a customer. Joel P.
i purchased a Beretta 92 is this ammo good for that gun and how long will it take to ship Posted On: 4/21/2020 By: kiera
Hello Kiera! This is good self-defense ammo for your Beretta 92. Speer Gold Dot is used by thousands of U.S. police departments. If your order is placed before 3pm EST on a business day, it will ship the same day unless your local or state law requires us to obtain some additional information from you. Transit times are generally 1-5 business days.
Hi all. ! I just purchased my first gun . It’s a Glock 19 Gen 4. I have not shot it yet , no ranges open at this crazy time. I would like to know if this Federal Ammo. Is a good or one of the best 9mm ammo for home defense ?? I’m learning as I go which ammo is better for home use , instead of range use. Which is better because of hollow point defense ammo or regular round 9 mm ammo. I’m understanding why the self defense ammo is better for home because it slows down and opens up in drywall plaster plywood etc. So it does not go straight thru walks etc. and hit an innocent bystander . Please help me select an Ammo to buy and load in my magazines for home protection. I have not even loaded a magazine yet. I want to be Safe as Possible, but be Able to Protect my Family. !! Thank you Hope to hear some responses. Take care,,,, Posted On: 3/30/2020 By: G
Great question, and we'll try to keep our answer as brief as possible. Basically, FMJ (full metal jacket) ammo is designed for training and target practice. The FMJ bullet is not designed to expand within a target, but it is much more affordable. JHP (jacketed hollow point) ammo, on the other hand, is designed to expand within a target. Expansion serves three purposes: greater energy transferral on impact, creation of a wider and more harmful wound channel, and prevention of overpenetration that could jeopardize innocent bystanders. To recap, load FMJ ammo in your handgun when you mean to practice; Load JHP ammo in your handgun when you intend to make it a weapon for self-defense. As for Speer's Gold Dot line of ammunition, it is an excellent choice for self-defense. The Gold Dot bullet is designed to stay intact as it penetrates barriers as well as its target, and also to expand highly reliably within its target. If this is the only ammunition you invest in, your handgun will prove of great use should you ever have to use it to defend your family. For even greater stopping power, you can use this +P ammunition by Speer: ammoforsale.com/speer-9mm-p-ammo-for-sale-9mm124hp53617speer-50. A +P round is loaded to a higher pressure than a normal one and therefore delivers greater energy on impact, but it does generate greater recoil. Your G17 is designed to fire 9mm +P ammo. Hope that helps!
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