20 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Speer Gold Dot

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Fast Facts
  • Manufacturer Speer
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 147gr
  • Projectile Type JHP
  • Ammo Use Type Self Defense
  • Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Quantity 20
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Manufacturer SKU 23619GD
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec) 985
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds) 317
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 076683236197
  • Description
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More Details About Our 20 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Speer Gold Dot
You don’t need police grade 9mm ammo for self-defense. But that hardly means you shouldn’t have it. Speer’s Gold Dot line of ammunition is trusted by a long list of law enforcement agencies across the United States, because it offers the ballistic performance, terminal performance and reliability you want all working in your favor when things go south.

The Gold Dot jacketed hollow point is the first bonded core self-defense bullet to hit the market. The Uni-Cor process fuses the JHP’s copper-alloy jacket to its pressure-formed alloyed lead core one atom at a time, which grants it both exceptional rotational stability and durability. The JHP retains practically 100% of its weight before coming to a halt within the target, even if it must first penetrate heavy clothing, sheet steel, sheetrock or one of a number of other urban barriers. An intact bullet is a deep-penetrating bullet!

But the Gold Dot JHP doesn’t merely penetrate deeply. Its precision-formed hollow point nose cavity is engineered to produce rapid, wide and uniform expansion that ensures optimal energy transferral while mitigating the risk of over-penetration which could put innocent bystanders in harm’s way.

Speer loads this ammunition with sealed primers and nickel-plated brass cases to protect it against damage from sweat and humidity. Shiny nickel also makes Gold Dot cartridges more visible in the chamber and magazine in addition to reducing friction that could cause a failure to feed or extract.

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High quality

By Starace65 on 12/30/2015

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Ordering process incredibly smooth. Ammo is solid, high quality, accurate, and burns clean. Will definitely repeat.
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Shooters Reviews

Performance rating only. What is "deal-ness"?


As a police officer in a big, crime ridden city, this was our go to ammo for duty. We qualified with it, trained with it, and used it to defend our lives, as well as the lives of others. In a city known for "gun laws", many bad people toted guns with no regard for the laws. Some of these same people would shoot it out with the ????, rather than face time in jail, or face other ranking members of their criminal organization who would severely punish them for their failures. In all these instances, I cannot recall ONE time where this ammo failed us. I have small collection of rounds from my last qualification 7 years ago (retired), and every so often I will fire a few at the range. They always fire without fail, and are completely accurate. I trust these rounds in all of my defensive tools, and those of my family, and recommend that you do also.

At the time, we carried Beretta's, Springfield's, S&W's, Ruger's, Sig Sauer's and Glocks. I never heard a complaint from anyone about the ammo. Our range instructors also loved it.

If deal-ness means price, I don't think you can place a value on a tool to defend your life or the life of others.

Hope this review is helpful.

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Very good.


There are many excellent 9mm JHP available. This is what makes the 9mm so great. Many affordable options.I like to look at Youtube reviews. There is no #1, as some 9mm are better off on different 9mm pistols. I think just one example and do what works for you best. Exhibit #1-147 gr. (Or worse, +P) in a subcompact single stack ( a 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield, I think we all can agree not the best match). I think for this type of gun a 115 gr. Hornaday would be a reasonable and good match. I think I said enough.

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Great place to buy bullets delivery Guaranteed


Excellent place to buy ammo

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High quality


Ordering process incredibly smooth. Ammo is solid, high quality, accurate, and burns clean. Will definitely repeat.

Was this review usefull? 24 11

Awesome !!


Fast delivery, great ammo, no problems. Have recommended your business to others.

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Are they hallow-points Posted On: 6/18/2021 By: Jarell bustard
Yes sir, this ammo has jacketed hollow point bullets. It's exactly what you want for self-defense.
I want to buy best ammo for my beretta 92 Posted On: 1/19/2021 By: Anton Shabaj
Thanks for reaching out Anton! I'm afraid we're presently out of 9mm ammo, but I do expect that to change soon. We update our inventory frequently! If you want to search elsewhere in the meantime, then I would highly recommend either Speer Gold Dot or Federal Premium Personal Defense HST. Those are the two most popular types of self-defense ammunition used by police officers, many of whom happen to carry the Beretta 92. Any bullet weight will function well in a 92, and your handgun is designed to safely fire 9mm +P ammo as well.
Need to buy Posted On: 12/30/2020 By: Oleksandr Shchepanovskyy
Thanks for reaching out sir! We have currently got this ammo in stock, but only in boxes of 50 instead of 20. We have 75 boxes in our warehouse as I write this, which you can find available right here: ammoforsale.com/speer-9mm-ammo-for-sale-9mm147jhp53619speergd-50
Would you please inform me by email when 9mm ammo is available for the Glock 19. Both for range and defense. Posted On: 12/18/2020 By: Joe Catalanotti
Hi Joe! We don't have a system in place to alert our customers when ammo is back in stock. Our inventory does update quite often, so I hope you'll check back in again soon to see what we can do for you.
Please email when Luger Gold Dot 9mm ammo is available Posted On: 11/5/2020 By: Garrett P. Corcoran
Thanks for reaching out Garrett! We do not have a system in place to alert our customers when ammo is back in stock. We do update our inventory frequently, so I hope you'll check in again soon to see how we can be of greater help.
Is 158 grain 9mm ammo too powerful to fire in a Ruger LC9s? Posted On: 10/30/2020 By: James Coffman
Hi James! This 9mm ammo is loaded to the same max pressure as other 9mm ammo with lighter bullets. If you actually wanted more power you'd want 9mm +P ammo. But to be sure, your LC9s should function correctly and safely with Speer's 147gr JHP ammo.
what would be the price for 1.000 9mm rounds for a glock 19? Posted On: 10/1/2020 By: Enrique Lopez
Thanks for reaching out Enrique! We'll update this ammo's price tag as soon as we get more in stock. We don't have any 9mm ammo in stock at the moment, but our inventory updates all the time. I hope you'll check back in again soon to see what we can do for you!
What's the best bullet for glock 19 Gen5 Posted On: 9/19/2020 By: Donald Jupiter
Hi Donald! Glock's handguns are famously compatible with a broad variety of ammunition, including 9mm +P. We haven't got anything in stock at the moment thanks to the ammo drought, but I'd highly recommend Hornady Critical Defense, Speer Gold Dot, Federal Premium Personal Defense HST, anything by Black Hills Ammunition, Barnes TAC-XPD, Remington Golden Saber, or Winchester PDX1 Defender.
I purchased a Beretta M9 Commercial 9mm pistol. Which standard ammo would you recommend I use for self defense? Posted On: 8/22/2020 By: Donald Bennington
I'm sorry to say that we haven't got any self-defense 9mm ammo in stock at this very moment. I'm certain we'll get some in the warehouse soon, and hope you'll check in again with us soon! But to answer your question. You definitely want a jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet. 9mm bullet weights don't matter as much as people worry about, but you may prefer the middleweight 124 grains. AS brands go, Speer Gold Dot and Federal Premium HST are both top of the line. Remington's Golden Saber or Ultimate Defense lines of ammunition are also excellent. Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty with the FTX bullet are also excellent. Finally I'd recommend Winchester PDX1 Defender or SIG Sauer V-Crown. These are all excellent ammo. Barring those, you'll do well with Prvi Partizan, Sellier & Bellot, PMC, Barnes, or Corbon. Do note that your M9 can fire 9mm +P ammo as well. It's loaded a little "hotter" and will wear out your handgun's moving parts a little faster, but for self-defense that's not an issue.
I want it Posted On: 8/2/2020 By: Koolaid Cgiles
Hi Koolaid! I'm afraid the only 9mm ammo we have in stock is 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot 124 grain JHP: ammoforsale.com/9mm-ammo-for-sale. Even during the ammo drought and everything else going on, we're still constantly updating our site with new ammo, though. I hope you'll check in with us again soon to see how we can better serve you!
Hello! I have a Glock 19...which defense ammo is best to use? Posted On: 7/2/2020 By: Melissa Hill
Thanks for reaching out with such an important question Melissa! We have some of the industry's best 9mm rounds for self-defense in stock at the moment. Your G19 is famously compatible with a very wide range of ammo, so you're quite good there. While your handgun can fire 9mm +P, you may find its greater recoil more difficult to manage during a hectic assault. What I'd like to recommend to you is Federal's HST ammo: luckygunner.com/9mm-124-grain-jhp-hst-federal-premium-le-50-round. The HST bullet was designed specifically for law enforcement, and it remains a favorite among countless law enforcement professionals throughout the world. The bullet delivers extremely uniform terminal expansion, and is therefore highly effective at neutralizing a threat quickly. It's also one of the best made 9mm cartridges around, with a nickel plated case that promotes smoother functioning in a semi-auto like your G19. I hope this helps!
High I got a glock 48 and a Taurus g2c both 9mm will this be a good self defense ammo to carry Posted On: 6/29/2020 By: Michael Needling
Speer's Gold Dot line of ammunition would make a great choice for either the G48 or the G2c. This cartridge's 147 grain bullet has an electrochemically bonded jacket for assured weight retention during penetration of barriers and targets alike. Its hollow point nose cavity is programmed to deliver highly reliable expansion as well. Semi-autos love these rounds' nickel-plated cases, and Speer loads their Gold Dot cartridges extremely consistently. This ammo is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country!
Would this be a good option as a LEO duty carry round for the newer Glock 45? Posted On: 6/21/2020 By: MG
This would make an excellent choice for an LEO's G45. Countless law enforcement agencies issue Gold Dot ammo for their officers' carry weapons. The Gold Dot bullet is designed to penetrate barriers and programmed to expand at an extremely relibale rate and to a uniform width.
Availability of 9mm ammo Posted On: 4/28/2020 By: Harry Martin
Hello Harry! We've got 62 boxes of this particular 9mm ammo in stock as I write, as well as 30 other boxes and cases of 9mm for you to choose from. Please have a look here for everything we can do for you at this very moment: ammoforsale.com/9mm-ammo-for-sale?limit=all
Hi, I got a Glock 19M, not sure which defensive ammo is good to use for this gun. Could you please advise? Thanks. Posted On: 3/17/2020 By: Allen
In our opinion, Speer's Gold Dot bullet is one of the finest choices for self-defense on the market. The bullet is exceptionally well-balanced for superior accuracy, extremely tough to promote weight retention (which helps it to penetrate its target deeply), and programmed to expand with the utmost reliability. The bullet's profile is also optimized to promote smooth feeding in a semi-automatic weapon such as your Glock 19. Speer's Gold Dot is trusted by thousands of law enforcement agencies including the California Highway Patrol, New Jersey State Police, and Pennsylvania State Police. You can see how this particular round performed in our own ballistic gel test right here: luckygunner.com/9mm-147-grain-jhp-speer-gold-dot-20-rounds#geltest. You'll observe that it consistently penetrates to a depth of about 16" and expands a great deal in the process. In summary, this round's designed solely for self-defense, and it's exceedingly good at its job!
Hello. I live in Brooklyn, NY.. What do i need to purchase ammunition for glock 19 from your website? Posted On: 5/15/2019 By: Russell
Hi Russell. We have made it as easy as possible for you to order. Simply precede to checkout from your shopping cart page and enter your billing address. Then click on "Ship to this address" and you will be given a choice of FFL dealers local to you that have agreed to handle transfers. Choose one closest to you out of those and finish paying. (We cannot ship into Brooklyn) Your ammo will be on the way that day! If you don't see the FFL you want, you can choose one from our "unapproved list" and we will contact them to get them set up to do the transfer, but this will delay your shipment. Give us a call if you have any questions.
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