20 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Winchester

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When the FBI carried out their terminal-ballistic performance tests their greatest concern was finding a round capable of delivering serious barrier penetration. Not all ammunition is created equal, and that goes for defense rounds perhaps even more than target rounds. The FBI wanted defense rounds that would blast through clothing, lightweight and heavy alike, and also bull through things like automobile glass and wallboard. Another vital element is crush-cavity volume, which equals the radius of the expanded bullet, squared, then multiplied by both pi (remember good old 3.14?) and penetration depth. Basically, the round needs to be big and stay big, even after going through barriers. These Winchester PDX-1 Defender rounds meet the FBI’s requirements, making them an excellent choice for your own concealed-carry needs.

These are heavy 230 grain rounds, which is exactly what you want in a defense round for greater impact. They’re also JHP’s, which have more controlled expansion than standard HP’s, creating deeper penetration and a more devastating wound channel. Winchester also loads these PDX-1 Defender rounds with a Ranger Bonded Bullet, the same one used by the FBI in their primary service rounds. Gelatin testing showed the rounds exhibited 100% weight retention and had a diameter of .72” after expansion, and each round has a muzzle velocity of 920 feet per second and compelling muzzle energy at 432 foot-pounds. These rounds were carefully created for self-defense use, but it’s also wise to train with your chosen defense rounds so you’re comfortable with their stronger recoil.

Winchester manufactures all their ammunition with pride in the United States and has since the day of their founding in 1866. With more than 150 years of experience, they have the skill and dedication required to create innovative designs like these PDX-1 Defenders, because Winchester takes self-defense seriously, and so should you. You get 20 defense rounds in this box of ammunition, which is just right for keeping your gun loaded for personal protection and stowing in your safe. Your .45 ACP may be powerful overall, but with this ammunition it moves from strong to herculean. Make your handgun a better defender; buy Winchester PDX-1 Defender.

20 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Winchester

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