50 Rounds of 90gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by Aguila

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The .380 ACP is a hugely popular pistol for self-defense purposes. With proper shot placement and in close quarters, these lightweight, compact pistols are well-suited for personal protection, and that means you need hollow point rounds. These Aguila .380 ACP 90 grain JHP rounds are a nice fit for your preferred pistol. It’s vital to carry hollow points so they mushroom and immediately decelerate upon impact, because FMJ rounds do not expand and simply penetrate and continue traveling. These are JHP, and one big benefit of the jacket is the prevention of the lead fouling that commonly occurs with other hollow point rounds.

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Aguila is part of TECNOS, a large, technologically advanced plant in Mexico in Cuernavaca, Morelos. They sell their ammunition in North and South America as well as Europe and parts of the Middle East. They take pride in their team’s dedication to excellence and have flourished in the world market. Those who have visited the plant say they keep meticulous records and have an amazingly low reject rate. Shooters using their ammunition are impressed by its dependable feeding and ejection and also frequently praise its grouping.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box of ammunition, giving you a taste of Aguila’s products and a little stash for your safe. These are medium-weight for the caliber at 90 grain and have a muzzle velocity of 1,030 feet per second. Their muzzle energy is 210 foot-pounds. And you get more bang for your buck, because Aguila manufactures these rounds in fresh brass, boxer-primed cases, so you can collect your spent brass and reload. If you’re in the market for self-defense rounds and don’t want to drain your bank account to buy them, give these a try.

50 Rounds of 90gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by Aguila

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