50 Rounds of 240gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Blazer

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Looking for dynamic power and a potent load? You get both, and then some, with the .44 Magnum. The cartridge was the result of extensive, carefully-gauged adjustments to handloads of the .44 Special. Bit by bit, outdoorsman Elmer Keith increased pressure and used heavier bullets until he’d created the load he wanted. Thanks to the thicker case walls of the .44 Special, it was possible to create the hot load we know today as the .44 Magnum, but a new, slightly longer case was created to prevent the new big, bad cartridges from being loaded into the old .44 Specials.

You might think 240 grain is heavy, but for a .44 Magnum, it’s actually at the lighter end of the scale. Even so, it’s one heavy round, and when you combine that with the higher pressure of a Magnum, you get immensely robust results. In addition, these are JHP rounds, so they’re made for self-defense purposes. And if you’re handling personal protection with this ammunition, you mean business with a capital “B.” How can you not make an impression with a round that has a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second and a whopping muzzle energy of 767 foot-pounds?

Blazer is a company under the CCI name, and CCI produces all their ammunition at their Lewiston, Idaho, plant. You want American-made ammunition for the American-created cartridge your gun is chambered in, and with Blazer and CCI, that’s what you get. These cases are made with aircraft-grade aluminum, so every round has an aluminum case and is berdan primed. Berdan primer helps to ensure ignition and also gives these rounds a longer shelf-life. You’ll get 50 defense rounds in this box, so you can put it in your safe or add it to your range bag to practice with. If you want a truly vigorous .44 Magnum round, this is it.

50 Rounds of 240gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Blazer

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