50 Rounds of 115gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal

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When Charles Horn took over a small plant in 1922, he couldn’t possible have guessed it would end up being one of the biggest names in the ammunition world. He started small, marketing products in filling stations, barber shops, and gas stations, and before long the company was being offered contracts by the US Military. In fact, the military asked them to build and operate what would become the Twin City Ordnance Plant, and they ended up being awarded an Army-Navy “E” for excellence for their part in the war effort. Today Federal has a stellar reputation for making quality ammunition; if your gun needs a good meal, Federal should be among your top choices.

At 115 grain these are fairly lightweight rounds. They’re JHP’s and deliver controlled expansion on impact, and that greater control means a deeper, more debilitating wound channel. Stopping an assailant quickly and effectively should be your goal in a self-defense scenario, and JHP’s are an excellent way to do just that. This ammunition moves swiftly with a muzzle velocity of 1160 feet per second and makes an impression with a muzzle energy of 344 foot-pounds. This is new-production, non-corrosive brass-cased ammunition with boxer primer, and that means you can reload it.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box of ammo from Federal. That’s enough to load a few mags and have some left over to put a few rounds through your gun so you know what it feels like. Defense rounds have more power than target rounds so it’s important to get a feel for them; accuracy depends on being comfortable with their increased recoil. Federal manufactures their ammunition at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota. Take self-defense seriously; place your order for these JHP’s without delay.

50 Rounds of 115gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal

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